Moving – How to prepare and what to do.

Jan / 13 / 2017

You’ve bought your first Devtraco Plus home and you’re eager to move in. Now the question is how to move all the stuff in your old home to your new one without all the back breaking work and headache that will have you pulling your hair out. Take a deep breath, drink some tea and let us guide you as to how to move successfully.

Firstly, map out your new house in your head. Better yet take out the floor plan to figure out how each room’s setup is going to be like and decide where to place your belongings. With your floor plan, make little markings as to where you want certain furniture or appliances to be. This makes it easier for you and the movers when trying to decide where exactly to put all your possessions.

Most people, who move to a new home, want the setting to be completely different from where they used to be. After all, it is a NEW home. If your old home was a clutter factory, why not simplify things in this new one; As you pack your stuff into boxes, discard off all the unnecessary objects that somehow found a spot in your home. Old ornaments that are not of sentimental value can be replaced with new modernornaments that give your home a homey yet modern look.

Whether you arepacking up by yourself, with family or movers, no matter who is moving your stuff, make sure they aren’t distracted by a frisky dog or an overexcited child. Moving furniture while a child or dog is running around is both dangerous for the child/dog as well as limiting to the movers. It might be a good idea to lock up your dog for the day and get someone to watch your child, away from the house so you can successfully pack up your belongings.

If you’re moving into apartments like The Niiyo or town homes like that of the Acasia, you might have to arrange with the security guards of the building or the complex to assure that your moving trucks can move in and out without any hassle. They might also have to make parking space and alert the other tenants that their parking may be inconvenienced for a few hours while the moving trucks are around.

START PACKING EARLY! Unless it’s a short notice move, you usually have about a month or two to prepare before you move. Don’t leave anything to the last minute. If you have a lot of belongings, you can make a list of things to pack week by week, so that on the moving day, you have an itemized list of everything and you are ready to go. Label all the boxes that you pack so you have an organized pile of boxes ready to be moved out.

If you are moving from a rented home, while packing up, take note of the things that need fixing and get them fixed as you are packing up. This prevents piling up of things to fix before the new tenants move in as well as a long to-do list when you’re ready to move. Fixing things before hand means you can conveniently move out of your old home without any qualms with your landlord or getting bashed by the new tenant.

Lastly, have cleaning detergents etc, on hand to clean up after the movers have left. Even though things would have been in boxes, there might be a bit of debris after the up and down movement of the movers and last minute packing. If you can afford a cleaning crew, let them come in after the movers have left. Else, grab some family members or some friends and get to cleaning. There shouldn’t be a huge mess if you adhered to the previous instructions and fixed damages and packed up prior to moving day.

To sum it up, these tips should make your move less stressful and have you ever ready to move into your new home and make new memories.

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