The Ghanaian Dream Home

May / 25 / 2018

What is considered to be the ideal Ghanaian dream job security, a home in a residential area, a nice car and children in a good school. How about the ideal Ghanaian home? What makes the ideal Ghanaian home in modern times? Let’s take a look at some examples of homes that have become part of the Ghanaian dream.

The 3 bedroom semi-detached

A 3 bedroom house is ideal for a new couple or a small Ghanaian family. Most Ghanaians live in this setting. There is usually a master bedroom for the couple, another room for a child and guestroom. People typically look for these types of homes in residential communities or build them from scratch. It has proven to be a favorite amongst Ghanaians as it provides a spacious alternative to the 2 bedroom houses that used to be the norm.

The 4+ bedroom ‘mansion’

Recently, more Ghanaians are looking for bigger houses and more space. This house typically has a master bedroom, 2 rooms for children and a room(s) for guests. With this type of house, there tend to be at least 2 or 3 bathrooms, a large kitchen and a large living room. This type of house has become very fashionable with the Ghanaian elite. Mostly built from scratch, this type of home has become a true dream home and a lot of Ghanaians aspire to this type of affluence.

The Townhome

These are recent developments that are springing up all over the country. These are perfectly constructed houses that can be found mostly in city centres. They are usually found in large apartment complexes. These complexes usually have facilities like a communal swimming pool, a gym, playground areas and high security. Examples of town homes are Devtraco Plus’s Acasia Homes. These are becoming increasingly popular amongst Ghanaians because of the facilities that usually accompany these homes and their proximity to city centres. They also come with flexible payment plans which in the long run are cheaper than building a home from scratch.

The Luxury Apartment

You will not drive 500 metres in Accra without seeing a billboard advertising luxury apartments or without seeing high rise apartments. These have become a favorite for expats and wealthy Ghanaians who sometimes buy them for lease. Ranging from 2 -3 bedrooms, these provide a slightly less expensive alternative to the townhomes. Found in similar complexes as the townhomes, they provide facilities like a communal pool, playground, gym, underground parking, high security and facility management services. An example of such a luxury apartment is The Niiyo or The Nova by Devtraco Plus.

In conclusion, the Ghanaian dream is ultimately being able to own a home . No matter the size or the type of home, outrightly owning a home is seen to be the height of success in Ghana. Contact Devtraco Plus and speak to an agent about owning your own home today.

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