How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Jun / 27 / 2016

What is the point of owning a piece of real estate property whose market value reduces over time? A solid investment is one that should have the capacity to increase its value as time rolls by. It is true that there will be external forces affecting the value of your property, but there are ways you can gain the upper hand when it is time to appraise your home. Here are a few suggestions we have on what can be done with your property to make sure it increases in value, and can provide revenue for you eventually:

Care and maintenance

A home that is constantly clean is more likely to stay in good condition in the long run. Let it be a habit to be cleaning your home as often as possible. Your home is only going to be as clean as the effort you put into keeping it so. All the dirt in the nooks and crannies should be succinctly detected and dealt with. In the event that you get very busy throughout the week, you can let a cleaning service take charge of your home. They are sure to take out all the dirt from the nooks and crannies you miss when you clean yourself.

Go through each room to ascertain which things need to be fixed, as well: leaking roofs, electrical faults, plumbing issues, etc. Invite an expert over to check out your real estate property, and determine areas which need to be restored to good condition. Having a good property management organization will be best; they have the technical know-how to regularly evaluate, repair and maintain your property in order to have it in great condition. For instance, all Devtraco Plus properties are managed by top notch property manager, Talis Property Services. They ensure that they put in the painstaking effort to maintain and increase the value of your property.


Real estate with modern, efficient and well-functioning features have more value than those with sub-par features. Always be on the lookout for ways to remodel your home with up to date technology and quality designs. Go through magazines and design sites to read about remodeling techniques, which can help influence you as to what remodeling decision to take exactly. Get a to-do list on what to do, and allocate a sufficient budget where necessary. You should also determine the ones to be done by yourself and the ones to be handled by experts.

You also need to know who your most likely buyer will be, in the event that you would like to sell. Having a clear picture of the type of buyer you would like to attract will influence whether you need more spare rooms, new furniture, a play room, etc. This way you are able to present the property according to the taste of a prospective buyer, and justify your selling price.

Create space

Get rid of clutter to make the house look very spacious. A clutter-free home gives the illusion of a grander area, and makes it feel like a piece of real estate that guarantees more freedom and relaxation. For every room, determine which items are unnecessary and move them out of the way. One quick way to identify “unnecessary” items is to notice the ones that have taken up space but are not in use, or are not really missed when they are gone. Those items should be moved to your store room.


The environs of your home are as important as the building itself. Commit some time and money to landscaping to improve the aesthetic appearance of your real estate property. Plant trees, shrubs, grass and flower paths to give the property a warm and welcoming feel. You should also maintain this constantly, as overgrown lawns, weeds and misplaced vegetation all take away from the appeal (and in the long run, the value) of your property. If your home is on land that is uneven, terracing could help solve the problem. The landscaping can be done yourself, or you can have professionals over to handle the terrain for you.

Remember, for your real estate property to maintain a high value, make sure that your home is constantly clean and maintained, has the latest in design and appliances, is clutter-free, and has amazing landscaping. It is even better when you own a home where all of these value-adding benefits are taken care of for you regularly, without you having to bother about them. Purchasing a Devtraco Plus home comes with advantages like these. Why don’t you take a look at our properties?

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