3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Devtraco Plus

Aug / 12 / 2016

Devtraco Plus, a noted real estate development company in Accra, Ghana has been in existence since 2012 after originating from parent company, Devtraco Limited, a pioneering real estate company in the country since 1993. Over the years, we have devoted our resources almost exclusively to developing quality signature homes in the heart of Accra. Our developments retain modern and innovative designs that are characteristic of signature homes. At Devtraco Plus, we believe in the sanctity of the home and the role it plays as the foundation of our communities.

We consistently ensure that our homes are standout projects that can compete on a global scale in both aesthetic and functional dimensions. We’ve done this by remaining true to 3 core components that are characteristic of all our signature homes.

Prime Locations

Devtraco Plus properties are all strategically located in attractive parts of Accra. Location plays a huge role in determining the qualitative and quantitative value of a home so we never compromise on ensuring that our homes are situated in prime areas. We believe that your home should not exist in a bubble. Your home is a part of a larger community that you will interact with and should benefit from on a daily basis. Hence, we strive to build in prime locations like Labone, Cantonments, Airport and Dzorwulu that suit the lifestyle of our investors and renters and afford them access to social amenities and infrastructure. We want you to be able to walk up to a coffee shop each morning to sip on that espresso; to be able to visit a restaurant and grab your lunch or dinner conveniently. Labone, for instance, home of our properties Avant Garde and The Edge is known to be an extension of touristy Osu but unlike Osu, Labone is largely a residential area with close proximity to several schools, restaurants, embassies, hospitals, commercial centers and places of worship. Since our renters include foreigners, this location is the best as most expats prioritize these amenities when renting a home. Devtraco Plus rates location on a high scale because we believe that “location is King.” Accessibility helps you save time and money for the things that truly matter to you and this is our ultimate value proposition to our home owners.

Cutting-Edge Design

We believe that a property is a designed asset, a physical, “location specific” object that impacts its environs. Our property, Acasia, in Cantonments was awarded the Africa & Arabia Property Awards for Best Architecture multiple residence in Ghana for 2015-2016.Our home designs combine innovative aesthetics with architectural excellence. Right from the word go, we engage a structural designer to determine the stability of the property and its ability to resist any force. This is best practice as a crucial aspect of design is ensuring that the building is fortified to withstand all plausible loads for a stipulated period of time. Per observation and research, most buildings in Ghana are constructed without consulting structural experts and this results in consequent challenges after the building is erected. We on the other hand, look into the various structural systems and the functional requirement of the property, bearing in mind the location of the property. At the design stage, we take into consideration our occupants’ preferences via research, notwithstanding the design regulations in Ghana to ensure optimum output. A typical example is our newest development, The Edge, which is ongoing. It has 41 apartments on four floors, inspired with so much style and character. The ground floor is made up of retail and parking space, while the first to fourth floor has the apartments which include suites, one to three bedroom apartments and studios. The main building has a signature saffron yellow edge which marks its personality.

Superior Facility Management

Our property and facilities management team, Talis Property Services, have proven to be diligent in the capacity of coordinating demand and supply of facilities and services within our properties. They see to the daily needs of each unit and the periodic maintenance of all our homes. From security to cleaning, our properties are thoroughly taken care of to ensure the safety and comfort of the tenants. Talis is also keen on verifying that all our developments meet all health and safety requirements as well as government regulations. They tactfully advise our home owners regarding decision-making processes that affect their living space. Their response to emergencies and urgent maintenance calls is always timely and swift. Over the years they have proven to be reliable partners who have added to the value of all our developments with their impeccable service.

Airtel Ghana also recently awarding us for our efforts towards providing broadband services to our home owners, is a solid testimony to the excellent services our facility management team has been providing over the years.

Devtraco Plus is dedicated to leading the real estate industry in Ghana and with our focus on location, design and property management we are the ideal developer for your next home or investment. Contact us!

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