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COVID 19 Diaries - What Asset To Buy During A Pandemic!


Today, I would like to point out another one you may not have considered, that this is the best time to invest in real estate.…

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COVID 19 Diaries - Investment Tips To Follow After COVID


Today, we will take a closer look at this subject with the help of the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 report on Ghana…

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Devtraco Plus commits to EDGE certification


Devtraco Plus, one of the largest real estate developers in Ghana, pledges to start to certify its future buildings with IFC’s EDGE green buildings certification.…

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General Advice for Alternative Investment


I would like to share some helpful tips and a few cautions with you before you take that initial bold step.…

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Doing Business in Ghana through Real Estate


On New Year Resolutions - A guide to making the list happen


We know you will resolve to a list of things that will make your 2019 complete, a few nuggets to have in mind while that list continues.…

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Giving your home the Christmas aura? Here's a guide


Christmas seasons are usually packed with holidays and the times you spend the most are with the family at home. Whether you're having guests over for a holiday party or you w…

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A dip into the estate development waters- Part II


Have you ever been interested in being a developer or owning properties? This article will satisfy your basic curiosity motion from just a concept in mind to actual realization. Di…

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A dip into estate development waters-Part I


Have you ever been interested in being a developer or owning properties? This article will satisfy your basic curiosity motion from just a concept in mind to actual realization. Di…

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Keeping up with trends in home security


If you’re being chased by the world, the one place that should give you shelter from pursuit should be your home. The home is your safest haven. Hence, there is a need for securi…

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Storing the kitchen’s main buddy; The Cooker


While you have settled in your luxurious and comfortable Devtraco Plus apartment, you may have prepared a couple of meals and look forward to a lifetime of amazing meals from your …

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Devtraco Plus wins 4 awards at the International Property Awards


This is the third time Devtraco Plus has won something in four years at the International Property Awards.…

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Keeping Bathrooms Accident Free


And though our homes are where we feel most comfortable, they’re also where many accidents happen — especially among young children and adults. Bathrooms have slippery and hard…

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Property Rental; A gift from Devtraco Plus to you


Investing in rental properties is as old as the practice of land ownership. You buy a Devtraco Plus home or any property and then rent it out to tenants. You become the landlord re…

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The Edge at Labone


Have you got plans of living or fancy living in one of the most bubbling cities in Accra? The Edge, by Devtraco plus is built to suit the pleasure of modern standards while serving…

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Knowing Accra; Dzorwulu


Located to the west of Ghana’s cherished Kotoka International Airport, Dzorwulu presents an ideal living community with the best of everything you need – talk of best of school…

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Perfect lights, glowing homes


In the end, whatever lights we choose for each part of our home, we are sure to create the perfect environment for you to live, work and dwell in your glowing homes.…

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Keeping the Kitchen Accident Free


The kitchen could be both a fun hub and a dangerous den. The least slip can cause serious injury or accident observing basic kitchen safety rules may be the habit to develop to pre…

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Quick guide to Real Estate Terminology


There are a few things first-time home buyers or people renting an accommodation need to be in the know when it comes to important discussions about real estate.…

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Keeping a Garden


Keeping your garden healthy will require high levels of passion and hard work, with these do-it-yourself tips we hope to make gardening easier and your favorite hobby.…

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A Guide To Eating Out In Accra


From European to Oriental and your favorite African dishes, we have got a destination for all taste buds.…

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Architectural Innovations in Modern Ghanaian Housing


The evolution of Ghanaian architecture.…

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A Guide to Public Transport in Accra


Popular means of transportation in Accra.…

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Do's and Don'ts When Investing in Real Estate


Why Own An Apartment At The Nova?


A peek into the features of the new Devtraco Plus development; The Nova…

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How technology has helped market property online…

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The Ghanaian Dream Home


A look into what is considered to be the ideal Ghanaian dream home…

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Four Ways To Get More From Your Savings


Four Alternatives To Your Savings Account For Beginners…

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Tips On How To Get The Right Furniture For Your Home


A guide on where to get appropriate furniture for your home decor…

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Bringing A Pet Into Your New Home


How to introduce a new pet into your home…

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The steps involved in securing a home loan for your desired property…

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5 Major Monuments in Ghana


A focus on 5 of Ghana's major monuments…

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The advantages and disadvantages of buying or renting a home.…

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5 Date Ideas for the Month of Love


5 date ideas for you and your partner this month of love…

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What to look out for when relocating to a new area


Things to consider when relocating for a new job…

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Fire Safety in the Home


How to prevent fires in the home…

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A Guide to Property Tax in Ghana


A guide to property tax in Ghana…

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Tips on Keeping Above the Red This Month


Tips on how to keep above debt during this month…

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Landscaping Your Home


Innovative ways to landscape your home without spending excessively…

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Why it is important to work with real estate professionals like Devtraco Plus


The importance of working with professionals like Devtraco Plus…

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Five Habits That May Be Hurting Your Finances


5 habits you didn’t know were hurting your finances…

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Real Estate Investment Tips for Beginners


Real Estate Investment tips for beginners and novices.…

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Why Ghana Has Become A Top Real Estate Investment Destination


Why Ghana has become a top real estate destination for investors…

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How to Revamp An Old Home


How to make an old home look brand new…

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5 Tips for Fitting Into Your New Neighborhood


Five tips to help you fit into your new neighborhood.…

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How to Childproof your Home


How to prevent accidents in a home with small children…

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How a Devtraco Plus Home is Sold


Ewurabena Braye of the Devtraco Plus Sales Team takes us through the process of how a home is sold…

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Devtraco Plus wins 3 awards at International Property Awards 2017/2018


The awards include Best Apartment Ghana, Best Development Marketing, and a five-star award within the category Best Apartment Ghana for The Edge project.…

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Energy Saving Tips


Tips on how to conserve energy…

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How To Spot a Real Estate Scam


A guide to how to spot real estate scams…

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How to Live like a Celebrity in your Devtraco Plus home


How to live like the celebrities do in your Devtraco Plus home.…

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A Comical Use Of Real Estate Terms!


A comical look at how some real estate terms are used…

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How Not To Sell A House


Are you planning on selling your house? Lets assist you with a few things to avoid to get that house sold!…

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Home Owners Associations


How to embrace the home owner association in your community…

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The Importance of Open Houses


Why open houses are essential in real estate marketing…

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Uncovering The Myths Behind Real Estate


Demystifying some real estate myths…

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Five Attainable Tasks for Real Estate Novice


5 simple tasks that real estate investment novices can accomplish!…

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A Guide on Selecting Prospective Buyers over the Phone


Cutting Down Cost in Business


A guide to reducing costs in your business!…

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Who Is A Real Estate Broker?


Real Estate brokers and what their role in the real estate industry.…

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A Step by Step Guide to investing in Property


A guide to investing in property…

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The Influx of Foreign Materials into the Ghanaian Construction Industry


The influx of foreign materials being used in construction of houses.…

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The Future of Solar Panels in the Ghanaian Market


Whether housing companies are going to start incorporating solar panels into their building.…

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The Pros And Cons of Gated Communities


The pros and cons of living in a gated community.…

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Online Marketing and the Real Estate Market


How real estate agents are using online marketing to sell/rent their properties?…

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The Dominant Middle Class Ghanaian


The Subtle Invasive Nature Of Living In Apartments


Is Building A Home The New Ghanaian Dream?


A Bird’s-eye view of Accra’s Skyline


A bird's view of the buildings that characterize Accra's skyline.…

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The Different Types Of Accommodation For Rent In Ghana


Details about the different types of accomodation up for rent in Ghana…

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It's child's play!


Tips on how to decorate children's rooms.…

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January; month of the miser! (Saving tips for January)


The importance of safety around swimming pools


Moving – How to prepare and what to do.


How to effectively move from one home to another without stress.…

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Merry Christmas from DevtracoPlus


Short messages from the Devtraco Plus staff…

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Review of 2016 with Sales and Marketing Team.


Brief interview with our Sales and Marketing Department, about the year 2016.…

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A Tenant's experience


A tenant's candid impression on their Devtraco Plus home.…

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Decorating your home for the Christmas season


Tips on how to decorate your home for the Christmas season…

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Creative ways on how to improve your home


Security Systems for your home


Tips For Remodeling A Kitchen


How we can change the look and feel of our kitchens to enjoy our time there.…

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Home Design: Choosing the Right Colours Part 2


How colours can affect the mood or perception of space in a room…

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Home Design: Choosing the Right Colours Part 1


How colours can affect the mood or perception of space in a room.…

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5 Things That Go Into A Home Appraisal


Factors that affect the value of your home when undertaking an appraisal…

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Acasia Townhomes


A look at the features of an impeccably design townhome in the heart of Cantonments…

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Simple Designs for Small Rooms


Simple ideas to help us manage the space in our bedrooms…

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Of project management, structural engineering, procurement, environmental sustainability and insurance - A Devtraco Plus Project PART 2


A look into what goes into a Devtraco Plus development project……

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Of Project management, structural engineering, procurement, environmental sustainability and insurance - A Devtraco Plus Project PART 1


A look into what goes into a Devtraco Plus development project…

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6 Things To Consider Before Taking Out A Mortgage


What people need to think about before opting for a mortgage facility in purchasing a home…

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Condominium living: 3 Benefits and 3 Drawbacks


The pros and cons of living in a condominium…

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Joining Home Owners Association. Yes Or No?


The pros and cons of joining a home owners association.…

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Why Location Is Important In Real Estate


An highlight on why location is an important factor in the real estate industry…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Devtraco Plus


5 Ways To Live Stylishly And Comfortably In A Studio Apartment


Providing you with some tips on how to live comfortably and stylishly in your studio apartment.…

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How To Market Your Real Estate Property


Here are a few notes to keep in mind on how to market your real estate property…

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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate


Tips on why real estate is a good investment opportunity.…

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How to Increase the Value of Your Home


Here are tips on things to do with your property to make sure it increases in value, and can provide revenue for you.…

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5 Money Questions to Answer before Buying a Home


Financial questions you need to ask yourself before going ahead to purchase a home.…

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Show Off Your Affluence With A Penthouse


What does it feel like to own a luxurious penthouse? Find out in here ...…

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Your Home: Rent or Own?


What do you need to know before you decide whether to rent or own? Consider these factors first…

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Why It Is Important To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio (Part 2)


A continuation of insights from Eugene Birikorang on diversifying investment portfolios, and why Devtraco Plus is a great investment choice!…

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Why It Is Important To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio (Part 1)


Here are a few insights from Sales and Marketing Manager Eugene Birikorang on investment, and how diversifying your portfolio goes to give you an advantage in the world of vested i…

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Dwelling Discreetly In Dzorwulu


Here are some things to do in Dzorwulu you need some time out in town to relax & have fun!…

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Labone’s Lush Life


Learn more about the plush lifestyle you're privy to when you live in Labone.…

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The Niiyo – A Stylish Suburban Home In Dzorwulu


What does our Niiyo offer you as a home? Take a quick tour here ...…

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A Day In The Life Of Devtraco Plus


An quick insight from two employees on what goes on behind the scenes to make Devtraco plus what it is.…

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"What Goes Where?" - How To Decorate Your Living Space


Not sure how to arrange your items in your home? Here are a few helpful tips!…

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Avant Garde – Living Contemporarily in Labone


Avant Garde is finally complete!! Check out this informative read on what our new development is all about!…

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Devtraco Plus wins Airtel Customer Award


Devtraco Plus was presented with the award for "Outstanding Contribution to Driving Broadband Penetration" by Airtel Ghana on 31st March 2016 at the Fiesta Royal Hotel.…

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59 Years Down Ghana's Housing Lane


Let's take a chronological look of the Ghanaian housing landscape since independence in 1957 and Devtraco Plus' immense contribution.…

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Devtraco Plus wins African Property Award


To validate our strive for excellence and passionate commitment to quality, we won the world renowned Africa & Arabia Property Awards for BEST Architecture multiple residence G…

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Real Estate and Other Investment Opportunities in Ghana


We take an expert look into genuine investment opportunities in Ghana, with an in-depth analysis of the real estate industry.…

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Finding An Apartment


Are you planning to get yourself a place to live? Let's help you out with some well thought-through tips!…

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Ghana Real Estate Price Bubble


With the American housing market just beginning to rebound from inflated property values and a subsequent crash, the question on many people’s mind is, “will the rapidly increa…

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