Creative ways on how to improve your home

Nov / 25 / 2016

A house is a building that you transform into a personal living space. A home is your living space come to life and made comfortable by you and your family. The homeowner’s personalities make the home’s ambience warm or cold. However, the rooms must look inviting as well. Here are a few creative ways to create a cozy homely ambiance.

Right Lighting

Firstly, any room can be made to look fresh and inviting with the right light concept. One way to improve the lighting in a room would be with glass doors. This works wonders for in- house lighting. Another cool idea for your glass windows would be to have stained glass film on them. Choose a stained glass film that has complementary colors to your interior. Use this as an accent and not a full on décor coverage for the windows. The sun shines through the colors and creates a dramatic effect across the room in your home. When carefully applied, the film should last for many years. So decide if you want to have that effect in your home permanently before applying the film.

Potted Plants

Having potted plants in your room can greatly improve moods. Along with adding a distinct look, you also benefit from better air quality. Your home has certain pollutants that leech off of paints, woods and other materials. Plants are constantly absorbing carbon dioxide and expelling oxygen giving you better air quality and adding a touch of nature to your homes.


Little glass ornaments and vintage sculptures bring an artsy vibe to a room. Traditional wall decorations and paintings tell your guests that you appreciate culture and art while quirky ornaments act as a great conversation starter. It doesn’t hurt if the ornaments are of sentimental value. They will remind you of those pleasant memories and lift the mood in the room.


Last but not least, wallpapers. Wallpapers have the ability to transform a room. Adding a pink flowery wallpaper to a white wall can suddenly make the room feel girly and cheerful. Another tip would be to use magazine articles, newspaper clippings and pictures on the walls of the toilets. This again, serves as a conversation starter for guests and serves as a way to pass away the time while in there.

At Devtraco Plus, there is no need to over think your home decoration as all our homes are made with you, the customer in mind. So if you buy a Devtraco Plus home, all you’ll need would be a potted plant or two, some ornaments or wall hangings and your suitcase. At Devtraco Plus, we think of you first. Contact us and let’s work together in picking out a house you can make your dream home. Just make sure it’s not too cozy so your guests never want to leave.

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