Energy Saving Tips

Sep / 21 / 2017

The era of Dumsor in the country is over and everyone can now heave a sigh of relief. However, dumsor gone, means higher electricity bills. Here are a couple of ways to conserve energy and minimize the costs.

Energy Saving Bulbs

With all the commercials and awareness about these bulbs, it would be a travesty if anyone has still not moved to these bulbs. Energy saving bulbs save consumers about 50-80% off their cost. Energy saving bulbs have proven to help reduce cost as well as help to conserve energy. A switch to energy saving bulbs is long overdue if you have not done so yet.

Cooling temperatures

During this season, temperatures can get very high. Prevent unwanted heat from coming in by making sure all doors, windows are closed firmly especially when air conditioners or fans are on. This also helps the cooling agent to work with the temperature in the room without interference from outside temperature. Having the air condition or fan on the highest while windows are slightly open will have little cooling effect.

Natural light

During the day, open curtains, blinds and shades to allow natural light into the room instead of using indoor lighting. You enjoy Mother Nature’s natural light and conserve energy while doing so.

Figure out how your home works

Figure out the appliances and sockets that use a lot of energy and refrain from using them often. If there are appliances or sockets that are an integral part of your family’s day to day living, make sure that when they are not in use, they are turned off and not plugged in. Make sure your family understands this and turn off any appliances whenever they leave a room. Getting the whole family involved ensures that there is a higher conservation of energy in general.

Electricity Leakage

Unknown to a lot of people, there are certain sockets and appliances that drain energy just because they are plugged in even though the appliance is off. Putting a television, computer, or stereo on standby could be consuming more energy than you think. When deciding on what appliance to buy, choose the one that consumes less than 1watt in standby mode.

Switch to Energy Star appliances

In Ghana, energy efficient appliances have the gold star rating on them. 5 stars means it is a highly energy efficient appliance. To conserve energy efficiently in a home, switch all appliances to 5 star appliances.

Devtraco Plus is committed to conserving energy. All appliances in a Devtraco Plus home are energy efficient and are maintained regularly to avoid leakages, faults etc. Speak to a Devtraco Plus sales associate today on 0544310111 about an energy saving home that speaks to your taste.

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