Giving your home the Christmas aura? Here's a guide

Dec / 11 / 2018

Christmas seasons are usually packed with holidays and the times you spend the most are with the family at home. Whether you're having guests over for a holiday party or you want to make your house feel cozy and festive for your family, this article explains how to show your Christmas spirit by including traditional decorations, making the exterior view of your home that Christmas feel. Let’s dive in!

Create an outdoor Christmas scene.

The entrance is the first point of contact to your home, begin from here. When people drive or walk by your house, they'll stop and gaze at the pretty scene you've created. You can simply set up statues of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, or make a more elaborate scene of a Christmas manger.

If you have small trees or hedges in your yard, consider getting a few strands of Christmas outdoor lights to put on. You can buy lights that are shaped like nets, which makes it easy to lay them over hedges or go for a string of lights to wind around your outdoor hedges or lawns. You can also use the lights to frame your doors and windows.

You could set out any entryway doormats inside or outside that have a festive Christmas theme (if you have any).

Decorate the door with a Christmas wreath.

Usually at your door, displayed. A wreath symbolizes eternity or eternal life. Buy or make a wreath made with fresh holly or sweet-smelling evergreen to hang on your front door. A wreath will make your house look welcoming to your guests, and indicate to passers-by that your home has the full Christmas aura.

Light indoors too!

Hang some lights at the top borders of walls where the ceiling meets the wall. If possible and if you have enough lights to do it, strand some lights around the room you will be presenting most of the Christmas festivities in.

Buy a Christmas tree.

Many consider the tree to be the most important Christmastime decoration; if you don't do anything else, get a tree! Set it up in the room where you and your family will be opening presents together on Christmas day. Decorate the tree in your personal style. Here are some festive ideas:

String lights on the tree. Small white lights are popular, but you can also buy white, blue, red, or multicolored lights to string on your tree. Start at the bottom, leaving the end of the string of lights long enough so that it reaches the closest electrical outlet.

Decorate with ornaments. You could also buy classic round baubles and ball ornaments from the store. Disperse the ornaments evenly around the tree, taking care not to leave big bare spots. Not forgetting to add some garland or some popcorn chains.

It's traditional to place a star at the top of the tree, symbolizing the Star of David that led the three wise men to find Jesus when he was born. You could also top the tree with an angel or another festive decoration.

Decorate around the bottom of the tree. You can purchase white fabric to drape around the tree. Sprinkle white glitter on it so it resembles freshly fallen snow. Throughout the Christmas season, place presents you intend to give people under the tree.


Cutlery, napkins, tablecloths, pillowcases, and bedspreads could also be in the official yuletide colours to give your home the Christmas feel you desire.

In all your decorations, keep in mind that there is beauty in simplicity and less is always more. Remember to celebrate the season to the fullest in our Devtraco Plus homes. Merry Christmas!

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