Having A Property In The Serene Environment Of Cantonment

Mar / 19 / 2021

“Location Location Location”

You've heard this catchphrase several times. A lot of real estate agents and landlords use this phrase in convincing their clients to choose better locations for their homes or influence the value of a property or the cost of rent. Location is always a priority when purchasing land, developed property or renting a property. In fact, to most, location forms part of their dream home. True, the dream location looks different for many people. For some people, the dream location should be close to major amenities like hospitals, schools, and a shopping centre. For others, the dream location should have top-notch security; there should be few instances to no instances of security threats. They should be free to jog at dawn or dusk without any security threats. Also to others, a good neighbourhood is essential for many homeowners. We can’t deny it, Cantonments has it all and more, it’s one of the most sought-after locations in Ghana. The buzz around Cantonments is not mere hype and I will show you why Cantonments is the ideal spot for your home in a few points below.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Own A Property In Cantonments

  1. Access To Basic Amenities

Tucked in the heart of Ga land, Cantonments, a serene environment, shares its borders with Labone, Osu, North Ridge, Airport City and a few other well-developed neighbourhoods. It is 10 minutes drive from the Kotoka International Airport and well surrounded by lots of amenities. Cantonments is a well-planned and developed area with a constant utility supply. A constant supply of water and electricity is not the norm for many towns in Accra. Some people have to pay for water from sketchy sources or bear the cost of digging a borehole and installing a water filter to ensure a daily supply of water. That is not the bane of the people who reside at Cantonments. Cantonments can boast of tarred roads and proper waste disposal systems. You wouldn’t want to live in a place with roads that turn to mud streams during the rainy season, would you?

  1. Serene Environment Is Assured

Living in Cantonments can assure you of a perfectly serene and peaceful environment. Cantonments is known for its calm tranquil neighbourhood, quiet streets with very limited noise pollution. You're assured of peace and a quiet neighbourhood. In many localities in Ghana, streets are blocked on weekends to host loud funerals, naming and marriage ceremonies. Heavy-duty speakers that can shake the foundation of some buildings are used for these events. Talk about the nuisance! That will never happen in the quiet and serene environment of Cantonments.

  1. Security Is Secured

Cantonments is home to many embassies such as the popular American Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Iranian Embassy, Libyan Embassy, French Embassy and a host of many others. As an expatriate, it offers you the extra comfort of living close to your country’s consulate and the proximity of accessing other embassies if you’re a frequent traveller. Another benefit of the presence of many embassies is the extra security provided by the Consulates in the area, as these embassies are properly guarded. The Cantonments Police Station is also on standby, patrolling the area every day. Many private security personnel parade the streets of Cantonments. It’s not uncommon to find military and police patrol cars offering surveillance in the neighbourhood. That keeps the enclave quiet, safe, and serene.

  1. Schools

Furthermore, Cantonments is home to some of the best schools in Ghana. You will find Ghana International School which has been providing the British and International Curriculum to its students since 1955. It is one of the few schools that has been accredited by both the NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) and the CIS (Council of International Schools). It also doubles as a SAT centre in Ghana. Other excellent schools include Morning Star School which has been providing stellar academic tuition since 1965, Soul Clinic International School, Mothercare School, Safari International Preschool and a host of others. The New Horizon Special School, a school dedicated to providing tailored support for children with special needs is also found within the Cantonments Enclave.

  1. Cultural Hotspot

As a cultural hotspot, Cantonments boasts of many wonderful socialization spots. Do you desire to try some authentic Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cuisines? What of something American? Do you want to try some authentic Ghanaian delicacies? Moka, Capitol, Lord of the Wings, The Grill Room and other restaurants are readily accessible to all. The WEB Du Bois Memorial Center for Pan African Culture is also a culture-rich museum open and accessible to the public. Fairway Supermarket, Koala, a Farmer’s Market with purely organic food produce, world-class shopping centers are all present in Cantonments

  1. Fitness And Wellness

You would not have to cross the seven seas to keep fit in Cantonments. Many gyms are found in this well-planned enclave. It is the norm in Cantonments to see many persons taking a walk or bristly performing their exercise routines around the enclave. Cantonments is also home to the Akai Hospital, Ghana Police Hospital, The East Cantonments Pharmacy and many other health facilities.

  1. Future Proof Town Planning And Architectural Designs

You cannot talk about towns with proper planning and excellent architectural designs without mentioning Cantonments. A drive through Cantonments will leave you so inspired because of the beauty of the buildings, the blend of nature in city living and the peaceful and serene nature of the enclave.

How You Can Also Live In Cantonments

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