How a Devtraco Plus Home is Sold

Sep / 29 / 2017

We have a brief dialogue from Ewurabena Braye, a member of our Sales Team, on how a Devtraco Plus home is sold.

To start with, when a client walks in to enquire about a home, we have a brief interview with the client to ask about their intentions for the home. Our sales strategy is quite different from other real estate companies; we do not just sell houses but rather homes custom to the client.

Some of our homes are bought for investment purposes, so we sit with the client to find out what exactly they need the home for; whether it’s for investment or for live- in purposes. Based on the interview, we provide the clients with solutions to what exactly they are looking for. At Devtraco Plus, we don’t just sell units, we sell solutions.

When the client has picked out a unit from the options we provide them, we then schedule a site visit where they are taken to if the unit is ready. If the particular unit the client desires is not ready yet, we take them on a virtual tour, or we provide brochures of that unit so they go through.

Some of our clients, depending on family size, age of children, request for modifications to be made to the unit they intend on purchasing. If there is no such modification to be made, the client is made to fill out an application form and a payment plan is agreed on.

At Devtraco Plus, payment plans are made custom to each client and their cash in-flow. Depending on the budget, we recommend a home specifically for that budget. Every client is different so we don’t lump every client into one bracket, we treat each client specially. Even with our special payment plan tailored to every client’s budget, we run promotions and special offers on our homes, making Devtraco Plus affordable for everyone. After the payment plan is agreed on by both parties, an offer letter is presented to the client for signage after which they are made to pay a reservation fee.

Depending on the payment plan agreed, when that plan comes to an end, keys are then handed over to the client and the client is then introduced to the facilities management of the unit or the building.

Our facilities management team is top notch and from the moment the client walks into the home, they ensure their stay in the home is a memorable one.

Buying a Devtraco Plus home is truly a good investment. With constant care from the facilities management team, the home appreciates in value and is worth your money. Devtraco Plus puts the customer first; Devtraco Plus does not just build “houses”, but builds signature homes tailored for the client. We find solutions to meet the clients’ requirements. Visit our website or walk into our offices and talk to a sales person today.

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