How to Revamp An Old Home

Oct / 27 / 2017

Describing a home as old may not necessarily have to do with the length of time the house has been there but the aura of archaicness it might give off. Living in a home for a long period of time can make for memories but can become a bit monotonous. Here are a few guidelines that can help you revamp your “old” home.

De clutter and organize

Get rid of all old ornaments, clothes, appliances that are not in use or have become white elephants in your home. Draw up a mini plan where you rearrange your furniture and home setting. This would help in getting rid of old knick knacks that do not fit in the new setting. It’s unbelievable when you realize how much space you have after decluttering and re-organizing your space. Less clutter will open up and brighten a room, giving it a more relaxed and peaceful feel.


CLEAN! Not just regular Saturday morning cleaning but get some industrial detergent and cleaning machinery and do some heavy duty cleaning. Hire some professional help if you need help to get the grime and mold out. A deep clean can make your house look like new. Before refurbishing your home, clean windows, walls, carpets and floors. Give furniture a good clean. Wash blinds and curtains. Once the place is sparkling and clutter free, you may find there’s no more that needs to be done.

Add a coat of paint

If you have the budget for just one thing, a fresh coat of paint should be it. A new coat of paint can completely refresh a tired looking room and give it an updated look. If your budget doesn’t stretch for a whole paint job, paint just the woodwork or paint a single feature wall to draw attention away from less appealing areas of a room.

Refurbish Furniture, upgrade appliances

Switch up the old couch in your living room that’s caving in, for a new one. It does not have to be an expensive couch. Check out your local market for an affordable couch that looks good in your room. Upgrading old appliances will not only give your kitchen a new look, it could save you money on running costs if you buy energy efficient models.

Finally, old is what you make of it. Your home itself may not need a complete overhaul; little things like cabinet knobs, door handles, a new painting or turning a room in your home into a man cave could do wonders for your home. All of these small updates go a long way to renewing your home, your spirit and your sense of well-being.

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