Investing in Ghana’s Real Estate: Why should I do it?

Jun / 15 / 2022

Ghana manages to maintain its image as one of Africa's few powerful and politically stable democracies. Lately, the demonstration of a peaceful democratic shift in Ghana and the new government’s business-encouraging approach have helped in reviving investors' optimistic beliefs in the country and increasing investment opportunities in Ghana.

With continuous efforts to bring political ease to the country, Ghana has successfully managed to be among the most stable democracies on the African continent. The political and socially stable environment and the progressive economy give investors a secure and reliable operating environment. For international investors, investment in Ghana is a crucial entry point into West Africa.

The continent has abundant natural resources, a more educated and skilled workforce, greater governance stability, and greater economic growth possibilities than in previous years.

What Makes a Country (Ghana) Lucrative for Real Estate Investment or Any Investment?

There are numerous indicators in countries that are profitable for real estate investment, yet the primary ones include the legal system, a powerful capital market, the degree of economic progressive actions, the level of government regulations, political and environmental stability, and the potential for real estate investment.

The real estate industry is one of the oldest and most profitable in the world. People used to invest in real estate in their own communities before globalization, but as the world has turned into a globalized and interconnected place, real estate investors now have exposure to practically the whole world for investment.

  1. The Government's Support for Real Estate in Ghana

The progressive economic and political policies have enabled the country to shift from low-income to middle-income status as per the World Bank. Ghana entails the image of a politically and economically stable country, which is why Ghana has become an easy investment place for global investors who are looking for risk-free investment places. Ghana has enriched the African continent with international investments. With a housing shortage of 1.7 million people, Ghana provides incentives to investors.

Because of reliability and stability, real estate investment in Ghana is likely to pay off.

Ghana's government is keen on strengthening the business environment to boost private sector engagement through different investment incentive schemes and pro-business measures as it strives to increase economic growth and thereby reduce economic inequality.

  1. A Progressive Economy Makes Ghana a Lucrative Investment Place

Auxiliary service jobs will keep expanding as oil and gas production improves. Although Nigeria remains the West African sectoral powerhouse, Ghana is anticipated to draw more enterprises looking to develop a local or regional existence in the industry because of the convenience and ease of doing business and the availability of key participants in the overseas sector.

With large construction activity on roads, highways, and bridges, coastal works, and residential structures, Ghana's construction industry has shown consistent expansion. Construction equipment, especially reconditioned devices, is expected to remain a lucrative sub-sector.

The country has a different energy blend and is home to the West African region's largest hydroelectric facility. Ghana will continue to enhance its energy generation and distribution networks with the help of a wide range of international development partners to realize its objective of becoming a regional power exporter and offloading its costly surplus power output.

Three primary reasons to invest in Ghana real estate

  1. Benefits and Infrastructure

Ghana's government has a variety of interesting investment programs in place to stimulate the private sector and Ghana real estate investment. For example, the government has created 'free zones,' which are regions that have been identified as having high importance for future growth.

Furthermore, the government provides significant tax benefits to eligible corporate buyers or investors that are eager to establish commercial real estate for their company. The government is also driving the digitization of Ghana's National Land Registry as part of a concerted national digitization initiative.

This will assist in the effectiveness and accountability of the land and real estate value chain. In the end, these steps make the Ghanaian real estate investment industry more approachable and beneficial for foreign investors.

  1. Costing and Funding

Investing in real estate in Ghana is more reasonable than in other developed countries throughout the world, despite the fact that homes in Accra are rising in value and price.

Moreover, during the last ten years, Ghana's financial infrastructure has evolved, making it much easier for people to acquire and obtain property. Developers can also broaden their customer base as a result of this.

Anyone looking to buy a home or property in Ghana can take advantage of a variety of flexible mortgage choices. Effective utilization of the many kinds of mortgages accessible in Ghana can assist you in making an informed choice when it comes to property financing.

  1. Exceptional Return on Investment

Accra, the capital city of Ghana, has become a desirous place for real estate investors. The increased demand stems from the interest of tourists, travelers, local buyers, and foreign businesses. These three groups of real estate participants often require short-term stays, long-term leases, and purchases. As a result, real estate owners can earn significant returns on their investments as an outcome of this demand. According to studies, rental income in Accra ranges between 8% and 12%. This is, without a doubt, one of Africa's highest returns.

Accra is the city that brings great investment opportunities in Ghana for all those investors who are looking for a fruitful real estate investment place.

Ghana Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Many reputable real estate companies and technological techniques have lately been developed in Ghana, offering a more reliable solution for property investment. One such real estate company is Devtraco Plus, which has successfully created a unique niche for its exclusive premium quality housing units in prime areas of Accra, Ghana. The following are a few of the promising real estate opportunities in Ghana.

  1. Small Apartments

There are 36 to 40 units in these buildings. Small apartments are a good investment opportunity in Ghana because the demand for short-term rental properties in Accra is continually increasing. Tenant verification, determining the property's value, and correctly keeping the property are all tactics that could help you make a profitable investment in Ghana.

  1. Raw Land

Land banking (purchasing a piece of land with the aim of maintaining it for the future with the expectation that the land will become more lucrative as a result of development over time) is a great buy.

Peduase and Aburi, the mountainous places in Accra, are ideal for Land Banking Investments in Ghana.

  1. Commercial Properties

In Accra, you will see that within a short distance, a local business, a commercial property, or a supermarket can be found. Due to the high demand for commercial properties in particular regions such as Madina, Spintex, and Osu, leasing property for business reasons is advantageous.

The cash flow of a building is entirely defined by its size, style, and location. For instance, a commercial property located in the main Accra city with heavy human activity will likely be more desired than a commercial property located in a distant place.

Properties that can be leased for an extended length of time are also advantageous.

International Investments in Ghana

As a part of China's One Belt and One Road initiative, a multibillion-dollar strategy to improve trade and industrial linkages across Africa and Asia, China is investing heavily in African and other developing nations. China is investing extensively in African ports, trains, and industrial plants as part of this scheme, which will eventually be incorporated into a worldwide commerce network.

The West African Trade and Investment Hub was established to assist businesses, such as those in the Women's Empowerment Lab, in pursuing export prospects. Ghanaian businesses can now export more than 6,500 items to the US duty-free, and the AfCFTA widens a $3.4 trillion market. These co-investments will allow these businesses to get entry into African and American markets while also increasing employment in Ghana.

African nations are establishing themselves as economic powerhouses on their own terms. The rising middle class is driving up demand, and local businesses are responding by expanding.

Investments like these will help further boost economic growth in Ghana, thus making real estate in Ghana a more lucrative investment opportunity.

How Do You Invest in African Real Estate?

A Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, is the easiest way to invest in real estate in Africa or anywhere else. These real estate collective funds work similarly to mutual funds in that they amass a portfolio of income-producing rental properties and distribute any gross profits to their participants.

For new investors who intend to make a small investment, exchange-traded funds or mutual funds are the most logical investments. ADRs (American depositary receipts) are a mechanism for more experienced investors to engage.

Mutual funds invest in a diverse range of securities, with a focus on specific major industries or geographic locations. Some funds invest in the developing world in general, as well as funds that invest exclusively in Africa or particular countries.

Final Thoughts

Investing in real estate or houses is one of the best risk-free investment alternatives available to consumers looking for a safe place to put their money. Many businesses have already begun to invest in real estate.

Now the average Ghanaian should join the party and cash in. It's critical to understand which investment options are ideal for you based on your financial situation. There is, however, something for everyone.

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