Is Building A Home The New Ghanaian Dream?

Mar / 10 / 2017

The Ghanaian success story is one where you excel in school, get a good job and become a shining example in your family and community as to what hard work can do for the average man. This success is multifaceted; a good nuclear family, home, car(s) and of course, presence at family gatherings and events, (mostly the funerals, the responsible do not miss funerals). A home is a major part of the success story, to own one is great, to own several buildings is outright wealth. There is no doubt that every young person setting out in life wants to build his or her own house for his or her family. To own a home is seen as the mark of healthy progress and arrival at the top; the bigger the better.

Buying vs. Building a House

The modern Ghanaian is very much obsessed with owning a home, the upgrade on renting. The catch is that building it from scratch is no longer that important. Buying becomes a stronger alternative by the day. The obsession at first was to build your own home and even till this day it is so, for millions. However, the stress of hiring experts, monitoring and the litigious land battles have made it also prudent to buy a house instead. Mortgages and other payment plans mean the real estate industry in the country is shaped for a take-off to become even more of a success. This has led to the outburst of real estate cities on the outskirts of urban areas. By building affordable housing, more people are able to invest in already built homes and even have them tailor made to suit their preferences.

Estate communities in Ghana

There are many well-known estates of the sort who have the added incentive of a more efficient planned neighborhood and security. This serves as a better alternative for some as they can just buy a house which has all the utilities and facilities already built in. These housing cities serve as a community and provide a sense of security and friendship as they provide a gated facility, playground etc.

Devtraco Limited is one such real estate company which has eased the burden of building. With their mini real estate cities, they are able to provide affordable housing units at the convenience of the consumer. Devtraco Plus on the other hand offers consumersapartments for sale and townhouses for sale with an exquisite taste for luxury. Devtraco Plus’s apartments and townhouses are suitable for families who want above the ordinary. They also provide smaller communities that are more private and promote togetherness.

For anyone whose Ghanaian dream would be to own a tailor-made home, within a small community in the city, which has more luxurious amenities than the average Ghanaian home, a Devtraco Plus home would be the right pick.

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