List Of Estate Houses in Ghana

Sep / 23 / 2021

Having shelter over your head is one of the necessities of life. It is, therefore, no surprise the real estate industry would always be essential. However, due to Ghana’s housing deficit, developers find means and ways to provide housing units in Ghana. The lack of affordable housing is one of the most pertinent problems Ghana faces. Therefore, this article will focus on well planned and developed estate houses built by professional developers at affordable prices and ideal locations.

What is an Estate House?

Generally speaking, an estate can refer to all of a person's possessions and social status but will be referred to primarily as land and houses for this article. In Ghana, an estate house can be defined mainly as a collection of houses almost identical, sometimes detached or semi-detached, developed by one real estate company. Depending on the rules of the estate developer, the buyer may be allowed to alter the building plan

Today, it seems new estates are popping up everywhere, particularly in the urban fringes of major cities. Buying into an estate promises brand-new homes at affordable prices but it can also come with its drawbacks, including distant locations and some community rules.

Pros And Cons of Estate Houses

The Pros

1. Security

Property owners in Ghana are understandably concerned about safety and security. The fact that a residential estate house offers a sense of safety is generally a very sought-after feature. As a result, some estate houses provide security features like access-controlled entrances, perimeter fencing, dedicated security guards and alarms managed by a third party offer residents that ultimate peace of mind, which is often something that people are willing to pay a premium for.

2. An Escape from City Life

Living in an estate house may be the ideal choice for residents who value peace. Estate living offers a chance to escape the stress and hustle of the city and brings a sense of peace and quiet to homes that have been stressed out all day. The absence of traffic and the noise that comes with it is noticeable.

3. Suitable For Families

Estates with large properties are generally designed to accommodate families, which is why there are parklands and playgrounds for children, as well as walking paths and barbeque areas. The benefits of living on an estate are great for young families - your children will have loads of friends to play with, and you will be surrounded by other young couples who share the same stage in life.

4. Affordability

Real estate houses are perceived to be expensive and require large amounts of cash for payment by some. Nevertheless, when you consider the process of acquiring land in a prime location, the cost of registration, the cost of hiring an architect, the cost of hiring a developer, and the risk of possible lawsuits, as well as the amount of time it takes to build. You will quickly realise real estate homes are affordable and can be acquired at your convenience.

5. Higher property value

Lands do appreciate; this puts estate houses in a better position because these properties have been carefully planned and built, with regular community maintenance. Also, most real estates have built-in amenities, e.g, gym, 24-hour security, kid’s playground, which adds to the value of the building. Real estate communities often attract commercial properties such as markets, supermarkets, schools, healthcare facilities, and financial institutions, all of which cause the property to appreciate significantly, which results in a higher and competitive resale value.

The Cons

1. The Community

Even though it's suitable for families and everybody wants good neighbours, it's important to remember that certain estates will attract certain types of people. Try to find out what type of neighbourhood you want before you sign anything before moving your family there. Maybe you don't want to settle down in an area that retirees or vice versa mostly occupy. It’s hard to regulate who may be your neighbour.

2. Building And Aesthetic Regulations

It is common for estate communities to have a consistent visual appeal, and maintaining that appeal is an integral part of continuing the place's integrity. However, make sure you understand the requirements regarding changes you're allowed to make to your property, including renovations and structural alterations, before making a long-term commitment. Most real estate communities have a set of rules or a code of conduct that residents must follow. It is usually for the protection of the residents and to encourage a pleasant culture, so if at first, it seems like an inconvenience, don't give in to it.

3. Location

Most real estate homes spring up now are not in the Accra city centre; most are located in the suburbs of Ghana. This means habitat has to commute to and fro for work and other urban life activities. Also, these locations are traffic prone areas; to avoid the traffic, you have to leave your homes very early in the morning or return exceptionally late at night. Do your best to research the area when settling for a real estate home.

Estate Houses in Ghana

The goal is to assist you in finding that perfect estate house, so we have listed estate houses in Ghana, along with their prices and addresses, so you can quickly decide if you are considering investing in an estate house either for a personal residence or for investment.

1. Devtraco Courts



Devtraco Limited is one of Ghana’s leading real estate developers and can boast of the most significant estate in Ghana. Devtraco Limited is known for creating elite homes at affordable prices. One of such elegant estates Devtraco has built is the Devtraco Courts. Its properties are all extremely secure. Modern architectural styles make its gated communities an excellent choice for families. Located within Tema Community 25, this gated community is spread across 205 acres with almost 1,300 residences. Residents here enjoy access to a variety of recreational, educational, retail, and police facilities and other amenities. Residential units have a full kitchen, security door, modern appliances, wardrobes, and so on.

2. Regimanuel Grey Estate



Regimanuel Grey Estate has made a great deal of contribution to Ghana's real estate industry. As such, they have helped to address the major housing deficit Ghana faces. Among Regimanuel Grey's estates are; East Airport development, including Regimanuel Estates Golden Gate, Silver Bells, Platinum Place and Diamond Hills. The Meridian Garden at Klagon, Eagles Palace at Sakumono, just to highlight a few. Located in a serene, landscaped environment, Regimanuel Grey Estates has over 600 executive homes and 240 apartments set within a well-planned community with a pool and tennis courts.

Regimanuel Grey estate has different types of homes, ranging from 1 bedroom, RG-7, Detached and semi-detached in the Kantaman and Sakumono locations. The price point ranges from $83,400 to $650,000, depending on the needs and building specifications.

3. Paradise Estate



The Paradise Estate lies on the slopes of East Legon Hills, Katamanso, and features neat yellow homes. With three distinct house types, Type A, B and C, Swami India Ghana Limited's Paradise Estate is just what you need to relax after a stressful working day. The estate features three distinct house types, Type A, Type B and Type C, with a price range of GH¢766,410 to GH¢1,708,050.

4. Ayi Mensah Park



Ayi Mensah Park lives by a similar motto to Noanyi, “Love Where You Live”. This vibrant community developed by IndigoHomes features lush landscaping and views of lush mountains. A stylish, convenient lifestyle awaits residents at this residential oasis. These homes range from $82,000 to $250,000, depending on the unit and features included.

5. Appolonia City Estates (The Oxford)



A well-planned estate, Appolonia City, is strategically located on Dodowa road, on Oyibi. It is one of the biggest and most ambitious property development projects in Ghana. The Appolonia project is similar in scale to Tema. However, a well-structured and comfortable community is what Appolonia is all about.

It is a residential estate of 600 houses spread over 20 hectares, specifically aimed at the middle class, with house prices starting at GHS 513,300 to GHS 513,300.

6. The Greens Estate



The Greens Estate is one of the new luxurious estates which is nested in Tema community 25. In addition to the beautiful, eco-friendly home and community, you'll also find a great neighbourhood, 24-hour security, amenities and conveniences of modern living. Virtual tours of estate houses are available before you arrange a viewing. The unit’s prices range between Ghs 413,356 to Ghs 679,862.

7. 23 Odum Estates



The 23 Odum would be a great option if you are ever in Accra and would like to stay in a luxurious and well-built estate. Odum Estate has all the amenities necessary to make your stay as comfortable as possible. In addition, you have access to the following amenities: 24-hour power backup, 24-hour security, a kid’s playground. The Odum Estate is located in Dzorwulu, 10 minutes away from the international airport, with an asking price of $385,000.

8. Lakeside Estate



The Lakeside Estate is a beautiful and well-organized estate located at Ashale-Botwe in Accra. It has all the necessary amenities like a park for recreation, a hospital and more, perfect for families. Lakeside Estates is one of the best estates in Ghana, so many people search for land for sale there. A two (2) bedroom house at Lakeside is very affordable. There are many advantages to owning Lakeside Estate townhomes or apartments. Their two (2) bedroom apartment starts from $57,000, and the four-bedroom goes up to $210,000.

9. Rehoboth properties



Rehoboth Estate – Rehoboth properties limited is one of the rising developers in the Ghanaian real estate industry. It is a wholly-owned Ghanaian real estate company founded in 2012. They are one of Ghana’s leading real estate developers, focused on providing affordable houses to Ghanaians. With over 1,700 units available, you can pick up a form from their office or download the application from their website and make a reservation today. Housing units start at $30,800 and come with moderate amenities an estate can own, such as a swimming pool, gym, lawn tennis, basketball court, laundromat, rooftop restaurant, pharmacy, to mention but a few. Rehoboth Knightsbridge, which is becoming one of the most famous estates in Ghana, can be sited at Kwabenya and overlooks the serene environment of Kwabenya. If you are looking for a vicinity that is not too far from town and quiet with good enough roads, Rehoboth is your go-to estate. Rehoboth properties also have other estates available such as Rehoboth Gardens, Rehoboth Hills City, and Rehoboth Palm. With Rehoboth, you can pay up to 50% of the amount and move in immediately. Your payment plan can be spread over five years, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your home and giving you enough time to sort out the balance.

10. Trasacco estates



Trasacco estates, affectionately known in Ghana as Trasacco, is the leading estate developer in Ghana. Almost every Ghanaian knows Trassaco to be the dream estate to live in. It is crawling with residences of some of the most popular and wealthiest individuals in Ghana. It is expensive to own a house there but best be sure; you’ll be rubbing shoulders with some famous figures in Ghana if you happen to live there. If you are willing to splash a little more money outside the affordability range, Trasacco is your go-to estate. The company has more than $300 million worth in current projects. They have some of the strongest teams in design, cost control, construction, procurement and logistics department. With Trasacco, you can be sure that you’ll live in the most elegant and most luxurious homes in Ghana.

11. Emefs Estates



Emefs Construction Limited is known for its affordable housing projects in areas such as Tema in Ghana. Emefs is a wholly-owned construction company with credentials in the construction industry. The construction company was first established in 1993 and has overseen the building of major projects in Ghana. Emefs Construction Limited houses some of the most prominent estates in Tema, such as Royal View Estate, which accommodates over 200 elegantly crafted homes in a serene environment. Royal View Estate has a starting price of $65,000 with 2 – 4 bedroom homes located on the Tema-Afienya road.

The list may not be exhausted as Ghana has many attractive estate houses such as Coastal Estates, Adom City Hills, Parakuo Estates to mention but a few. However, the above is your starting point; in your search for that dream home, we hope that this comprehensive list of estate houses with their prices and locations in Ghana will assist you. An estate house has many wonderful benefits, and you won't regret staying in one.

Devtraco Group has many estate houses, including Greda Housing Project at Teshie-Nungua, Dovehill Estates at Spintex Road, Devtraco Villas at Baatsona (Tema Community 18) and currently, Devtraco Courts at Tema Community 25. They have the finest and most secure gated properties in Ghana. All our properties boast excellent security for our apartments, and our gated communities are designed to provide you with excellent security and modern architectural designs.

We highly recommend you schedule a private tour with any of our sales agents who will help you find your desired apartment. Fill the portal form indicating the kind of property you want, and you will be called back to schedule a viewing.

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