Luxurious Furnished Serviced Apartments in Ghana

Feb / 08 / 2022


Looking to rent an apartment in Accra or Ghana? Then a serviced apartment might be for you. A serviced apartment is fully furnished with a functional kitchen, and laundry services, that is available to guests for short or long-term leases. Whether you're on a business trip, vacation or holiday retreat or just want a change of environment, finding an apartment in Accra, Ghana that feels like home can be extremely exhausting.

Though most services come standard with most serviced apartments, there are some that go the extra mile to stand out amongst the rest. Consequently, there are several options that can accommodate communal hangouts, private or individual lodgings, regardless of the number of people in your party. No matter your taste and preference, you can find the right serviced apartment to rent in Accra.

For your convenience, we compiled a list of serviced apartment options you can rent in Ghana, specifically Accra, that will cater for all your needs during your visit.

Why A Serviced Apartment Is The Better Option.

  1. More space

Rented serviced apartments are always spacious rooms which are typically 30% larger than hotel rooms and are a better option for hosting families. They free up the stress of having to manage a cramped hotel room and provide you with a homey space to relax and recuperate. It is ideal for both long and short stays.

  1. Furnished Apartment

Serviced apartments take advantage of the ‘home-away-from-home’ theory by offering you a space with comfortable furniture and lots and lots of privacy. As mentioned earlier, since they come with a stocked kitchenette, travelling food lovers are able to save money on gadgets allowing them the luxury of trying out new exotic recipes. All these while your laundry is being handled with a fitted washing machine.

  1. Cleaning Services

Did we already mention you still get housekeeping?! Talk about unwinding and not having to worry a hoot about cleaning up after yourself in your own home space. It’s a dream come true, isn’t it? Well, serviced apartments give you the benefit of having daily housekeeping services so you don't have to debate with your inner being on when the perfect time to clean up is.

  1. Location

The icing on the cake is the proximity to well popularised locations. Oh yes! Serviced apartments usually lie in the heart of the city so you won’t miss a thing and you don't even have to move your entire life or travel blocks for the experience or work.

Now let’s take a brief look at a few serviced apartments you can rent in the heart of Accra.

Devtraco Plus

Number one on the list is Devtraco Plus. With Devtraco plus, you have options for your apartment hunt. Henrietta's Residence and The Pelican are both strategically located in Cantonments with fully furnished apartment complexes for sale and for rent ranging from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom units. With Devtraco Plus, you’re invited to a holistic experience with a world class architectural design and precise selection for furniture and kitchenette. These properties are listed with essential places of interest such as the Accra mall, Kotoka international airport, Euracare Medical centre, Dubois centre and others just a stone throw away. With amenities such as pools, Fine dining restaurants, 24/7 security and parking, a gymnasium, high speed broadband service, Devtraco treats its customers to a well-mannered and serene encounter in the comfort of what is now home. We certainly recommend popping by for a weekend or better yet investing in any Devtraco property for the chance of a lifetime.

Accra Luxury Apartments

With branches in Airport, Cantonments, East Legon and Labone, Accra Luxury apartments come fully furnished with luxurious hotel amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, gym facility, secure parking amongst others. To take the edge off, they offer car rental and tour services at affordable prices to guests who wish to do more than just stay home but also wish to explore the hidden gems in the city. This apartment comes with its own bookable events ground so should you be lucky, you might catch a Sarkodie concert right in your backyard. You can be the first to tell your friends back at home that you had a wonderful time in a wonderful place.

Axis Suites

Next up is the Axis Suites Located off the popular Lobone junction. With a strategic location, this serviced apartment keeps a healthy balance between work and fun. It’s gracefully surrounded by vibrant towns and a stone's throw away from corporate Accra. If you’re in town for work or just to kick back and relax, we recommend Axis Suites to offer that healthy work life balance we know you need. Their double glazed windows ensure you’re focused on work during the day and yet see through for a view of the beautiful Accra nightlife. With an all inclusive range for apartment sizes, Axis promises to be worth your rest. There is the option to indulge in sumptuous meals at their nice restaurant and snack bar in the common lobby or give Gordon Ramsey a run for his money in your own kitchen. We say aim, shoot and stick the landing.

Mena Court

Have you been yearning for a ‘Soggiorno Magnifico’ (Magnificent Stay), Mena Court is your place. And yes we know a little Italiano. Situated on the outskirts of Cantonments, Mena court is strategically placed about 10 minutes away from the airport so you’d never be late for your flight, approximately 6 minutes away from the popular all purpose Marina Mall and a comforting 8 minutes away from the life of Accra, Osu. You’re probably wondering why we used Italian to introduce Mena Court. With a fully furnished Italian designed interior, Mena Court promises to keep you inspired by their eye for an artistic house warming feel. The serviced apartment is exclusively accoutred with a concierge service that works diligently to ensure all guests in need of touring or other engaging activities are catered for with an extensive itinerary. The apartment complex is vamped with amenities such as 24 hour security and CCTV monitoring, a standby generator against the funky likes of ECG, a swimming pool and an outdoor jacuzzi. If all you’ve wanted is to unwind without lifting a finger, Mena Court was made for you.

Roots Apartment

Roots Apartment is hidden within the cultural town of Osu and is thoroughly equipped to double as a fully furnished apartment complex and hotel suites. As a 7 storey building, roots apartments boasts of an impressive view of the city of Accra at night especially during the holidays when there’s more than enough life in the dark. With breathtaking modern interior designs that keep you rooted in African culture with a splash of foreign luxuries, roots makes no mistake in ensuring you feel at home even when you’re away. The welcoming staff are dedicated to meeting your every desire to guarantee a remarkable stay. With a bonus massage and relaxation routine, room service option for the hotel's cuisine with local and international dish options and regular housekeeping, Roots apartment is our first choice for a rock your jungle experience.

There are many more exciting apartment options to try out whenever you’re in Ghana or looking to offload from work. With our help, you are guaranteed to find the perfect serviced apartment to rent in Accra, Ghana.

Just remember you don’t need to carry your entire life with you. Some clothes and a good mood is all you need to enjoy the space of a convertible serviced apartment.

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