Luxury Apartments For Sale In Accra

Apr / 20 / 2022

Everyone wishes to live in a large and spacious luxury apartment with modern interior design and high tech amenities in premium parts of Accra. Although these apartments are built modern and stylish, finding one that matches your style will take some time. Luxurious apartments are well-kept, extremely spacious, and cost more than regular apartments.

In Accra, business life is filled with frustration and stress and the businessman after spending a difficult day, just wishes to enter the world of comfort and delight. This is the core reason for the increasing sales of luxurious apartments in Accra. Are you looking for a nice apartment in Accra? Well, Devtraco Plus has you covered with a beautiful bedroom apartment located in one of Accra's most affluent neighbourhoods.

When it comes to picking where to live, whether you desire a change of scenery or need to relocate because of your job, you have a range of options. Instead of buying a house right now, you might consider purchasing and moving into an opulent loft. Once you decide to live in a luxurious apartment, you should be able to take advantage of upscale amenities that are not available in regular high rises. Devtraco Plus luxury flats in Accra are typically located in desirable areas such as Cantonments, Airport, Dzorwulu, and Roman Ridge, making commuting a breeze.

Furthermore, the majority of expensive apartments are spacious and have high roofs and huge windows that enable ample light to enter. The Devtraco Plus projects combine structural precision with architectural creativity. They provide the world with high-end apartments and townhouses in Accra that will endure the test of time in every way.

With Devtraco Plus, You Can Have a Luxury Apartment in Accra

With Devtraco Plus, you may still live in Accra and own a room luxury, and your dream house. Below are the benefits and drawbacks of acquiring a luxurious apartment in Accra.

Near to Amenities

One of the most significant advantages of owning a magnificent apartment in Accra is its access to the best amenities, such as highways, schools, hospitals, cafes, shopping, and entertainment. As a result, families may take advantage of these services without having to worry about securing availability and access to amenities or dealing with an unforeseen catastrophe. Devtraco Plus apartments are conveniently located near most workplaces and schools, making commuting easier. Apart from the aforementioned conveniences, many apartment complexes offer social activities and other services to renters. To top it off, metropolitan nightlife and social gatherings have a buzz and ardour.


If you consider all the costs, living in a luxury apartment could be a wonderful option. Yes, these luxurious apartments are definitely more expensive than a conventional home. While your rent will be the most important cost associated with the property, there are several additional costs to be aware of. The majority of expensive apartments are located in a gated community and come with premium amenities such as enhanced security and large pools, which adds to the overall lease cost. If the rent fits into your budget and you value the extra amenities, a luxury apartment may be the perfect living environment for you. However, one advantage of living in Accra is the ability to save money on the intangible cost of time. Acquiring an apartment in Accra would be a good move in terms of commuting time or hours spent stuck in traffic, because time is a vital asset. Before you buy a luxury property, think about all of your possibilities.


For people who appreciate both safety and security, luxury apartments are an excellent choice. The majority of luxury apartment complexes are gated, providing occupants with the level of security that only luxury apartments can provide. One of the major drawbacks of living in a traditional apartment complex is that maintenance is usually inconsistent. Luxury apartment complexes, on the other hand, are frequently more eager to give renters assistance and upkeep.

Devtraco Plus Properties

Devtraco Plus is a renowned real estate developer in Ghana, specialising in high-end housing in Accra's most desirable neighbourhoods. With developments well known for their style and personality, precisely planned and fitted with modern finishes and constructed of high-quality materials. This popularity and quality of their development makes their properties hot cake and sell fast. Palmer's Place, the Niiyo, the Edge, Acacia Townhouses, Avant Garde, and Acacia Apartment, all located in Ghana's most sought after neighbourhood, are all sold out.

One of our beloved customers commented "I adore the intricate architectural alchemy because it's different from the normal architecture one will find around,".

“This is the process of transforming a wish into a work of art. You delivered exactly what you promised." Laing, A.

Such testimonials, as well as a slew of others, are key reasons why Devtraco Plus is regarded as the best option for structural excellence.

Suites, studios, one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, three bedroom apartments, and fivebedroom deluxe apartments are currently available for sale and rent in Accra, Ghana. The available premium sites are listed below for your consideration.

NoVa Apartment

In Roman Ridge, Ghana, NoVA offers studios, one, two, and three bedroom apartments. Roman Ridge is in the top tier of desirable locations in Ghana's capital city, Accra. It's a well-planned neighbourhood in the city's north end that's popular because of its accessible position and proximity to major corporate, shopping, and entertainment centres. Roman Ridge is close to Accra's best schools, malls, hospitals, and financial services, thanks to its closeness to the affluent Airport Residential and Dzorwulu neighbourhoods. Roman Ridge is clearly one of the best spots in Ghana for real estate investing, thus property owners who decide to sell or rent out their properties can make significant profits.

Henrietta’s Apartment

If you need to acquire an apartment in Cantonments, Henrietta's Residences is your best alternative. Henrietta's Residence is a Devtraco Plus development in Accra that offers one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, three bedroom apartments for sale. This opulent building is 3 minutes from the American Embassy and 10 minutes from Kotoka International Airport. Profit from unmatched returns in Cantonments, Accra's most sought-after area code.

Henrietta's Residences continues a long history of world-class property development delivering a holistic experience for each of its inhabitants, including co-creation of the Ghana Property Award winners for 2017/2018 and a global nomination for "Best Apartment in Africa."

Pelican Hotel

The Pelican Hotel is the first of its kind in Ghana. It is not a normal luxury apartment but a high end luxury hotel apartment in Ghana. Devtraco Plus offers you a unique opportunity to invest in luxury branded hotel apartments and The Pelican is one of them. Join the global community of hotel investors right here in Accra through our world-class Pelican Hotel Apartments. This luxurious apartment has the best amenities; a modern swimming pool, a restaurant with haute cuisine,modern conference facilities, concierge, ample parking, manicured gardens, backup power, water storage, 24 hour security and most importantly, state of the art facilities.

Forte Residence

Forte Residences is a private family community of 15 modern townhouses. Forte Residences is located in the affluent suburb of Spintex Road, Community 20 in Tema, within easy reach of the best schools, health centers and shopping malls for everything your real home needs. With its family-friendly amenities such as a pool, fitness center and playground, Forte Residences offers an unforgettable living experience in a tranquil residential setting.

There are flexible Home Buying Payment Plans. Two great financing options available at Devtraco Plus; Self-Financed and Mortgage.

The special conditions of the mortgage bank will be adjusted for mortgage buyers. We will send you an offer letter to apply for a mortgage with your chosen mortgage lender. Some of the mortgage lenders mentioned are Republic Bank mortgage, Ghana Home Loans mortgage, Fidelity Bank mortgage, Stanbic Bank mortgage and CAL Bank mortgage.

Please note: Non-resident Ghanaians are also eligible for this payment option.

Apartment Types Available

Studio, one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, three bedroom apartments, are now for sale in NoVA and Henrietta's Residence, with prices starting at $165,200. The needs will be iterated below, as well as which apartment styles will best suit you.

Studios Apartment

If you are a single person seeking a modern, beautiful flat in Accra, our studio apartment is excellent. It has an open floor design with a bathroom in a separate room, as well as a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Our studio apartments at Devtraco Plus start at $165,200+ and go up from there.

One-Bedroom Apartment

A one-bedroom apartment, as the name suggests, has only one bedroom. It's a room that's completely cut off from the rest of the world. It features a separate entrance and separators from the kitchen, parlour, and restroom. The different rooms signify the more expensive and noticeable area when compared to a studio. This apartment style may appeal to people who value privacy and do not want to live in an open plan like a studio.

Two-Bedroom Apartment

The two-bedroom apartment is suitable for both families and singles. With the development of work-from-home opportunities, you can arrange one room as a bedroom and the other as a cosy home office. There are two ensuite bedrooms, a kitchen, and a parlour on this property.

Three-Bedroom Apartment

A three-bedroom apartment draws a different type of buyer or renter than a one- or two-bedroom unit. Do you come from a large family? Then a three-bedroom apartment is great for you, as this is the most popular choice among families. Everyone will have adequate room and space.

Top Accra luxury apartments offer class, flair, and eloquence; one that provides you with the pleasure and satisfaction you deserve is Devtraco Plus where you can enjoy luxury in a one-of-a-kind residential space committed to providing residents with comfort and lavishness, as well as an international sports facility. Devtraco Plus offers luxurious, spacious apartments in the heart of Accra, Ghana. Most likely, you've made a decision based on your budget and requirements, and you're ready to chat with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. Request a viewing with one of our sales specialists via our online portal or give us a call on 0270000004.

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