New Year Investment Plans (2022)

Dec / 20 / 2021


We suppose you’ve already thought through a couple of new things to get in line for the coming year. If you haven’t yet, here are a few suggestions on things to look forward to in the new year.

  1. Real Estate Investment

As an advisory chat room, let’s start off the conversation gearing towards Real Estate Investment. In the coming year, we advise you to take on investing in real estate as the main resolution. Why? you may ask, pretty simple actually.

You do not need to have a huge sum of money to invest in real estate which is one of the most important aspects of an economy because let’s face it, everyone needs a home. If you truly want to transform your portfolio, grow your capital and diversify your assets, real estate is a great investment.

  1. Diversify Your Assets

Diversifying assets in real estate helps you store up income in a lucrative market aside from the stock market. In this way, if the stock market should crash, you can always offset the capital loss with gains from the real estate investment. If you have never thought of investing your capital, think of starting now in order to grow your wealth and make your money work for you especially for a rainy day. Our advice is to start off small with real estate by buying a single unit and renting out to earn income on a monthly basis. As an investor looking for an increased cash flow system, real estate investment is for you. Most investments such as stock usually only generate income when the stock is sold off until then, you’re left watching and hoping your stock value increases and rather than decreasing. With real estate, on the other hand, you are likely to have a regular source of cash flow with tenants paying monthly rent. This money can be used to either improve your real estate portfolio by reinvesting or save for the future.

  1. Benefits of Investing In Real Estate

  • Tangible Investment

Now let’s discuss more concrete reasons why real estate is necessary. Real estate investments are tangible assets. You would always have something to show for ownership in regards to the property and can sell off your property whenever you decide it is no longer as profitable. Though selling off might take longer, you are still likely to walk away without making a loss as compared to investing in stocks.

  • Appreciate in Value

Another reason to invest in real estate is that it is an investment that almost always appreciates in value. Though there could be rare instances of loss, investing in a home long enough increases the value you make on its sale. Improving the property as well can also increase the value the property appreciates by increasing your return on investments.

With real estate investments, there are options on what to invest in. You could buy undervalued houses, revamp them and sell them off, buy plots of land, build chain houses on and sell off or simply buy already built homes and rent off. These options do not limit you to a particular system for generating income.

These are just a few reasons why a real estate investment is a great resolution for 2022. If you’re in Ghana looking to make strides in your investments, look towards the real estate industry. Some industry leaders such as Devtraco, Manet Group, Buena Vista homes amongst others are trustworthy endeavours to invest in. So as you enjoy your Detty December celebrations, keep in mind your future matters. Make good decisions today to make for an easier tomorrow.

2. Career Advancement & Self Development

Have you been wondering what else you can do to increase your value in the employment market? Try taking some professional courses. In this new year, you can set an agenda to increase your practical and theoretical skills academically by signing up for professional courses to improve your portfolio and resume.

  1. Education & Courses

If you are interested in Business (Accounting, Investments, Human Resource Management, etc), you could register to become a certified accountant by completing the ACCA certification examination or completing the CFA certification exam to improve your knowledge on investments, portfolio management, and wealth planning. You can also become a strategic Human resource management expert by completing the strategic human resource management examination. The job of a human resource expert will never go extinct since every business requires an expert to manage the needs of the human capital of the organization. Become an asset to your company by gaining deeper knowledge in the field of business. Every company needs a business expert and a new year’s resolution to become a top guru in this field would keep employers hungry and desperate to have you on their team.

With technology as the fastest growing industry, more and more experts are needed in this field. Explore becoming a certified project management official by completing the required exam in all 10 knowledge areas of project management. This would definitely keep you occupied and at the top of your game in the tech world for the coming years.

  1. Career Goals

Try redefining your career aspirations. If you’ve felt unhappy and trapped in your job for a while, this is the year you shake things up and find a reason to keep going. If you don’t have an answer for why you’re passionate about this job, you need to pivot your career goals and find something you’re truly passionate about. In this new year, take a break to explore a bunch of free online courses in fields you enjoy and see if any of them tickles your fancy. The race is yours alone to run so don’t think about how fulfilled your colleagues are and how you’re still uncertain of what to do. Better to prepare than to be sorry. Make a new list of career goals to accomplish if you’re already in your desired field.

Challenge yourself a bit and explore the new things you could add to your achievements.

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