Property Maintenance Tip for Every Homeowner

Apr / 28 / 2021

Most people spend a fortune to invest in their dream homes; the joy and fulfilment that come with these property acquisitions are just out of this world, particularly for first-time homeowners. Unfortunately, amid all the excitement, there is one thing that is usually not attended to over time and that is the maintenance of the property. Maintaining your property must be one of the foremost concerns of any property owner. Doing this keeps your property in good condition and boosts the property’s value if and when you want to sell or use it as collateral. Yes, keeping up with maintaining the home can be a very daunting job, particularly for new homeowners. The good news is that it does not have to be overwhelming; that is why we are here to help you with a few tips to help make this home maintenance journey easy.

Let us start here...

Check Air-conditioning (AC) system

Regular maintenance of your air-conditioning units extends the lifespan of the equipment. It can be quite costly to replace an air – conditioner, particularly if you weigh that against the cost of maintaining it through periodic servicing. Often, most AC replacements can be avoided with regular maintenance. Checking the air-conditioning filters during maintenance helps the AC perform at its best by preventing dust from getting into it to slow down its performance. Changing the filter regularly is a good idea.

Touch Up Exterior Paint.

Painting does not just keep up the home's check bid. It likewise acts as a dampness barrier. If you notice stripping or peeling of the home, give it touch at the earliest opportunity. A home offers cover, security, personality, protection, and a feeling of having a place to call your own. An excellent painting on a home is sufficient to breath-life back into the property. Waiting to do a complete re-paint may be costly so the old axiom “A stitch in time, saves nine”, hence touching up the exterior paint when defects are noticed, maybe all you need to save you from a bigger experience down the line.

Seal Driveways and Cracks in the Building

As the ground expands and contracts so do pavement. Regularly check driveway payment for cracks. Cracks in driveways allow weeds to grow and destroy the pavement. Checking for these cracks and sealing them will prevent weeds before they start. Cracks in the building might occur due to various reasons. Cautious effort and attention are needed to help keep an eye on cracks formation so that it can be sealed to prevent further deterioration of the building.

Check the Bathroom Caulk.

Caulk helps to create a watertight seal in the bathroom. It is mostly found around fixtures like the bathtub and toilet. Cleaning and maintaining caulk regularly will help prevent water leakages and will always leave the bathroom looking new

Checking for the overall condition of caulk for drying, cracking, or peeling and re-caulk at once to prevent water damage problems in the future. A mixture of vinegar and water or hydrogen peroxide and water can keep the caulk clean

Keep an Eye on Plumbing and Drains.

Plumbing and drains are one very easy maintenance item every homeowner should keep on top of its list. Having an efficient and smooth plumbing system allows having clean and fresh water flowing in for the family and wastewater out. it is, therefore, necessary to clear clogs and check for leaks, so it does not create a problem at the most inopportune time.

Check for Signs of Pests

It is important to take note of cracks near your home or roofing issues where you might welcome some unexpected pests. Regular checks around both the internal and external areas of the home to look out for signs of pests are important. Using the services of professional pest inspectors to have a look at least once a year can also be an option. With regards to detecting pests in your home, the quicker you address them, the better.

Trim Away Plant Overgrowth

It is not advisable to have tree branches sprouting too close to the home or to be inside the scope of electrical cables. Cautiously eliminate any tree branches that are closer than 5 feet away from the building. This can contribute to the dampness of your rooftop. Keeping your grasses neatly trimmed and removing weeds keeps the home neat always.

Test electrical outlets

Ensuring that all electrical outlets are functioning properly is key in maintaining the home to prevent unforeseen issues or disappointments when it is needed urgently. The services of an electrician can be deployed to help resolve all faulty outlets.

As a home-owner, keeping to these easy tips may be all you need to maintain the value of your property and keep you in that state of fulfillment for a bit longer. DEVTRACO Plus is your go-to real estate company that supports its customers with quality facility maintenance via Talis Property Services, a subsidiary of DEVTRACO. Talis offers facility management services to customers of DEVTRACO PLUS.

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