Property Rental; A gift from Devtraco Plus to you

Oct / 01 / 2018

The Facts

Investing in rental properties is as old as the practice of land ownership. You buy a Devtraco Plus home or any property and then rent it out to tenants. You become the landlord responsible for maintaining and preserving the value of the property.

Usually, you would charge enough as rent to cover all of the costs associated with renting out your property as well as make a profit, hence the need to do enough research about the rental rates being charged by landlords in the area, with similar property and features. The property investment service offering at Devtraco Plus is most ideal avenue to channel your investments because it has rental yields of up to 13% and over, and capital gains of about 5%.

The Ups

Owning a property to rent automatically leaves you having a fixed rental income monthly or yearly. Generally, properties appreciate in value over time, leaving the landlord with a more valuable asset.

The Downs

There are, of course, flaws in the face of what seems like an ideal investment as you can end up with a bad tenant who could damage the property or, worse still, end up having no tenant at all. This could leave you with a negative monthly cash flow. That doesn’t happen with Devtraco Plus Homes, we are strategically positioned as the go-to real estate developer whenever there is the need.

The Good News

There is also the matter of finding the right property. You will want to pick a location that is conducive for people to settle at. Which is why we have selected the prime locations in Accra to put up a new range of signature homes. Areas like Cantonments, Roman Ridge, Dzorwulu are Accra’s current settlement hotcakes, and these are the locations we have picked for The Acasia, The Nova and The Niiyo apartments and townhomes respectively.

When you have stocks, they simply sit in your brokerage account and, hopefully, increase in value. If you invest in a property, there are many responsibilities that come along with being a landlord. You have to be actively involved in the maintenance and running of your property.

Maybe the biggest difference between a rental property and other investments is the amount of time and work you have to devote to maintaining your investment. However, if it gets too much, you can employ the services of a professional property management team provided by Devtraco Plus called Talis Property Services to maintain and preserve the value of your property. Join our family, book a private tour now.

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