Quick guide to Real Estate Terminology

Aug / 20 / 2018

There are a few things first-time homebuyers or people renting an accommodation need to be in the know when it comes to important discussions about real estate. Have you ever wondered what we actually mean when we say Apartments, Penthouses, and Townhouses, Semi-detached building, Condos, Cabins, Chalets and more? Let’s dive into their respective meanings as much as possible by helping you get a handle on the terms of this industry.

Apartment and Flats

This is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building. They are usually one to three bedrooms. A two bedroom apartment is ideal for couples and small families, especially, those who want a bit of privacy compared to the one bedroom apartment or flat. Each bedroom offers ample closet space and a shared adjoining bathroom, kitchen, dining and living room.


A penthouse is an apartment or unit on the highest floor of an apartment building, condominium or hotel. For those individuals with deep pockets, what’s more aspirational than a Penthouse? The premium price paid, differentiate from other apartments by luxury features as rooftop pools and gardens, spacious terraces, spa, large dining areas for entertaining guests and offers a beautiful view of the city as well, which is actually out of the ordinary.


Generally a tall, narrow traditional terraced house, generally having three or more floors. Townhouses are also defined as single-family dwellings with at least two floors that share a wall with another house. They offer more living space than apartments or flats, you will have a separate kitchen space and two or four bedroom. Renting a townhome can be more expensive than a traditional apartment.


A condominium, or condo for short, is a building or community of buildings in which units are owned by individuals, rather than a landlord. Condos come with a pool, a fitness center, gated communities with security professionals. When you’re thinking about renting or buying a home, a condo might look quite appealing and they are priced lower than single family homes.

Semi-Detached Houses

A semi-detached house is a single family dwelling house built as one of a pair that share one common wall. The biggest reason why buyers purchase a semi-detached home is that of the lower price tag compared to detached properties. They offer more space compared to other dwellings, including townhomes and condos. If price is a factor but you still would like to have some amount of outdoor living space and a bit more interior square footage, then a semi might make a better option compared to other types of residences.


The term “cabin” is often used these days to describe any mountain or vacation home, no matter what it looks like or how it was built. But in fact, a cabin is traditionally a small house built from logs.

When you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life then a short stay in a cabin is ideal vacation home. A cabin home should be seen as a long term investment before actual retirement.


A chalet, unlike a cabin, is a wooden dwelling with a sloping roof and widely overhanging eaves. Today, the word chalet is used for any cottage or lodge built in the traditional Swiss style. In some vacation spots, a chalet is a building that features dining areas, spas, and other tourist-focused amenities.

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