Jun / 15 / 2018

The digital age has introduced a new marketing landscape where digital activity is a part of our everyday activities. Advertising and marketing have been taken to a whole new level. The use of technology has greatly increased the audience scope of exposure to advertisements. We will take a look at some of the ways to navigate your real estate firm in a digital world.


There are approximately 10 million internet users in Ghana currently who spend most of their time online for news updates, latest music, job vacancies and affordable accommodation. Real estate marketers now have to build websites to reach these tech savvy 10 million users. Having a website allows potential consumers to conveniently have a look at the property options you have. A website becomes the first point of call for those who cannot physically come to your office. Having a website expands your audience reach and builds your service awareness.

Virtual Reality Tours

These have become an increasingly popular aspect of real estate marketing. Virtual tours are simulations of an existing location. They are usually a sequence of videos and still images. These virtual tours are made available on a company’s website. Most real estate companies have video virtual tours where prospects take a linear walk through your property. This provides the prospect with an in-depth look of the property they want to purchase. It also provides real estate companies that have not completed their projects to display how their properties will look like when completed.

Social Media

Social media has gradually become a virtual marketplace for advertisers. Since Facebook and Twitter have become the first place people check for news updates, advertisers have also had to change their strategy. It is common now to find that a lot companies have social media accounts. With social media accounts, companies can interact with their customers, hear their complaints and comments and to share updates on their products and services. The use of visual content on these social media sites, also give potential clients updates on, new properties, change in pricing, in-house activities etc.

Email Marketing

This kind of marketing involves sending newsletters, articles, updates on products and services to an email list of targeted contacts from your already existing database or a purchased list. Email marketing has proven to be quite successful because you are sending information to contacts that have opted to receive information from you.

Display Advertising and Search Engine Optimization.

Display advertising involves buying ad space on various websites on a cost per impression basis. Your ads will appear on third party websites which your audience visit frequently. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to make your company or listing site rank on top when searched for in Google or in other search engines. Using keywords to optimize your website makes sure that when anyone searches for real estate companies, your company will be the first to appear on any search engine.

With these additions to your traditional marketing strategy, you are sure to open your firm to a bigger audience and a bigger network, which will yield into sales and revenue for your organization.

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