Security Systems for your home

Nov / 18 / 2016

Choosing the right security system for your home is serious business. There is a lot that goes into choosing the right security system. Consider these three elements when determining which security company and which system, best suit your home and lifestyle; monitoring, installation and home automation.

Monitoring is the mode of communication by which the system communicates with the monitoring center when your security system is breached. The three ways are by landline, cell phone and broadband. When choosing a system, carefully consider which of these three best suits your home.

With the landline connection, your alarm system uses it to communicate with the monitoring center when the alarm is triggered. The system itself can be wireless, it just requires a landline for monitoring. With the cell phone, the system uses the cellular uplink to send signals to the monitoring centre. This is often considered more reliable as the link doesn’t cut off when the phone links are down. This is also generally a faster connection than landline. With the broadband, the system connects to the monitoring centre using your broadband internet. This is usually four times faster than the landline but is less reliable than the cellular.

Installation can be done professionally or DIY (Do it yourself). Although Professional installation takes a longer time to install, having it professionally installed ensures that the system is set up properly and that any questions that need to be answered are done by a professional immediately. If you are renting your home and getting your system professionally installed, it is important to find out beforehand if the system is either wireless or hardwired. This is important because some require a landline which some tenants might not want to commit to.

One of the futuristic features of a security system is the automation feature. This is where you’re able to control your security system from a remote location with your smart phone or a web enabled device. You can view pre-recorded or live video surveillance making it feel like you never left home. Perfect for checking up on children who are home alone or watching artisans working in your house.

In Ghana there are a number of reputable security companies that can install a security system that is just perfect for you and your family. However, when you buy a home with Devtraco Plus, we already take into consideration your protection, thus all our homes come with already installed security systems. So if you’re looking for a home which comes “already armed”, we have one for you at Devtraco Plus ready for war!

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