Simple Designs for Small Rooms

Oct / 07 / 2016

In this post we will look at 4 simple designs you can apply to your small rooms to keep them appearing spacious and more welcoming.

Between sleeping, reading and, just simply, relaxing, it's likely you spend a lot of time in your bedroom. It makes sense, then, that you've also spent a significant amount of time turning it into your own personal retreat space.

Now that you have your dream bed, paint and furnishings, it's about time you seriously consider how all of that is arranged.

We offer four simple layouts for organizing your room into a comfortable retreat. Read on and learn how to organize the space in your retreat space.

The conventional type of bedroom layout is anchored by a bed with a bedside table on each side of it. The space across from the base of the bed can hold a table dresser with a mirror above it. Caution: resist the urge to add more furniture, it is NOT needed!

Some people choose to buy two bedside tables, a chest, a table dresser, the mirror and another low table, but that’s a no no, it’s just too much!

For a nice, simple, clean design, abide by the golden rule:

One bed + two bedside tables + dresser + wall mirror = victory!

If your room has quite a bit of space to maneuver in you can be a bit adventurous and create a lounge-like atmosphere.

A cavernous room tends to push you to have a zone for sleeping and one for lounging. You would find people typically using the lounge zone/area for relaxing, sipping a cup of tea or for reading.

To partition your space so you have a zone for daytime relaxing in your room, place two small lounging chairs across from the base of your bed with a coffee table set in between them. If you have quite a large space to maneuver in, you could fit in a small couch with a coffee table set in front of it.

Maintain the rest of the room as you would for the conventional room setting with a bed flanked by two side tables. With the dresser, you should place it against a side wall with the wall mirror placed above it.

In very small rooms, possibly those designed exclusively as a child’s room or as a guest room, it is very important to make good use of the side walls and use mirrors to ‘open up’ the space. Mirrors are particularly ideal in small rooms to make them appear more spacious than they actually are.

Remember, for small rooms, mirrors act as pseudo windows, so as a stager, you can use them to widen the room particularly if light penetration there isn’t the greatest. You definitely shouldn’t miss the chance to use the reflective surface of the mirror in this type of room.

A handy tip: hang vertical mirrors side by side to make them appear like windows.

The end result with a shared room is to create almost distinct zones so that children can have the feel of owning their own area or zone within the room.

To achieve this, place two beds adjacent each other with a night stand or bed side table in between. Give room for space in front of the wall opposite the base of the beds for a bookshelf or built-in that each child can give their own feel or interpretation to.

Arranging beds this way gives the children that little bit more privacy than just giving them a bunk bed. Each child would have their own private zone of the room which is a great setup for sharing.

We hope these tips are useful, look out for other tips on home décor and design that will change the look and feel of your home.

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