Stunning room painting ideas to inspire you

Sep / 30 / 2021

Regardless of your home’s style or decor, painting is a subtle and effective way to give it a new look. Maybe you just moved into a brand-new house and want the rooms to feel custom. Or your existing house badly needs a redo. No matter how big or small your project, painting offers a fast and affordable makeover that gives you lots of room for creativity. What makes room painting ideas so important is that they can greatly transform any interior. The right colour scheme or design elements can make almost any room seem more inviting, relaxing, and even stylish.

However, choosing the right colour scheme for your room can be one of the most difficult things to do. If you choose the wrong colour, your room will feel uninviting and uncomfortable. What's more, is that choosing a colour scheme can be time-consuming as all colours look different in different lights and at different times of the day. Do not fret, we've done all the hard work for you and found some of the most stunning room painting ideas to inspire you! We've also included tips on how to paint your room and recommendations on the best paints and accessories to make your room decorating project as simple as possible.

One of the most effective ways to transform a room into something that feels fresh, new and uplifting is with an intense colour scheme. When you are looking to paint your walls with colours that are vibrant but still complimentary with your furniture, you need to select the right wall paints. For example, a colour that is light in tone with lots of yellows, oranges and greens will make your room look fresh and youthful.

Painting Ideas for your Living Room In Ghana

When decorating your living room you must put in the time and work since it's the most popular room in the house and mostly where you will entertain our guests. So circling back to choosing a colour is key, since finding a palette that flatters will likely drive the design process and set the tone for years to come.

Our living room paint colour ideas will inspire you, whether you want something bright and bold, neutral or moody. You can hire someone to help you out with the painting or you can do it yourself. All you have to do is wear a protective overall coat and grab yourself a roller. Here is some inspiration you can choose from to suit your taste and preferences.


Clean White

Keeping the walls white and matte will always be a classic. Using brilliant white paint on walls and ceilings will transform a room's look, as it will enhance every piece of non-white furniture, fabric and accessory. Whitewall is an incredible idea, particularly for small living rooms. With its neutral tone, it provides all the light and energy while directing all the attention elsewhere. An added advantage of having white walls is how easy it is to switch up if need be.


The number and variety of white paints available can however be overwhelming. The choice of shade of white whether cool (with its crisp elegance), neutral or warm will largely depend on the amount and direction of light, the size of the room and to some extent the colours of living room accessories present. For example, cool super white is always a great choice for where you plan to hang a lot of art.


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Modern Greys & Whites

Grey has become the most popular neutral colour after white. It is not only cocooning but super versatile. Gray paint tones can range from cool to warm with blue undertones, to warm grey with red-based shades. Accessorising your living room after a grey paint is endless. It gives you the flexibility to add a touch of colour eg a touch of red, green or blue. You need to determine the 'temperature' of the colour your room requires - warm or cool.


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The Blue Tone

The good thing about introducing a timeless and bold colour to your living room is that it not only reflects your personality but also sets the right mood whenever you step into it. Blue is a colour that is relatively easy to style, even though it is considered an exotic colour. Depending on your ideal aesthetic, the colour scheme can be soft and subdued, bold and colourful, or bright and playful.


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Light peach

The use of light peach on the walls of your living room is an easy and effective way to make your space look warm and cheerful without overpowering it. Accent your walls, furniture, or pillows with charcoal or dove grey to bring some depth and richness to the peach.


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Decorators often choose green as their colour of choice. A charming alternative to white, it brings some personality into your living room. Green also perfectly reflects natural light, creating an earthy atmosphere.


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An alternative to the usual, yellow is illuminating, bright, and in the spotlight. When it comes to brightening up their living room, most people opt for white on white. Yellow is an easy way to make your living space feel bright and sunny. To neutralize yellow on your walls, add dramatic wall art or dark furniture.

Colour Combinations


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You don’t have to stick to one colour scheme, you can also combine colours. When it comes to colours in the living room, they must create a feeling of welcome and inspire conversation as the room where family and guests spend the majority of their time.mBQiBq66jAJeQBNTB82CzFAyiUsk4nWNBlJoCY0f6gRTeSLBARIYdOTxymnkWNi41WyFqca7ZpE6PasjW6DJAqfQXFWV0W660A_l6A-8Nc6lzkY-SkCgVeCqJfWCnPa_hWvRNUk=s0

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Why settle on one when you can easily combine unexpected colour schemes that pair contrasting shades together in an energizing way. After all, one of the top colour trends for 2021 is decorating with vibrant colours everywhere.


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Painting Ideas For Guys

Certain Colours and styles are default associated with masculinity and this can really restrict your choices. In the same vein, when it comes to crafting a comfortable space for a man, there tend to be some age-old ideas that usually work, even though they are clichéd. A space designed specifically for a man can be deviated from and still be successful, but the classical choices still hold. Below are some paint ideas for men and also for boys.


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The use of off white tone and furnishing with brown tone furniture will give your room an exotic, edgy look.


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The use of different hues of red, white and black also provides a compliment look.


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Stripes and monochrome have a way of bringing life to a room without making it overbearing. Also, most interior decor specialists say horizontal stripes help create a more cosy setting.


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Bedrooms are rarely decorated in black because if the decor is not done correctly the result can be desolate and small. This particular look can be edgy for guys and to a great extent be a painting design for a master bedroom.


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This room painting will fit perfectly for a teenage boy. A great combination of stripes and perfect colour combination


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Image source


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Painting Ideas For Ladies

Ladies love energising and mood-boosting bedrooms. Colourful stuff brightens their mood however some are on the cosy side. They prefer a simple and mild blend of colours to make their atmosphere comfortable and gorgeous.


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Ladies are of the view that their room decor defines their personality. They pay attention to every single detail to make their room very nice and comfortable because this is their haven where they spend most of their time.


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The minimalist look, simple done with white paint and tone


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We can't complete the list without including a pink coloured room. For a teenage lady painting your bedroom pink is the way to go.


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Many associate ladies' bedroom colours with pink and purple however, many creative ideas will result in a simple but sophisticated outcome. A simple painting or design pattern can make a difference.


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Walls can be easily revitalized by using textured techniques and faux finishes. In addition to adding dimension to walls and creating the illusion of texture, faux techniques like marbleizing, faux granite and sponging are excellent bedroom paint ideas.

House Painting Designs In Ghana

Just as we judge a book by its cover, so do we praise a beautiful exterior home. The exterior design of your house is an expression of you. Your home will be more beautiful if you choose the appropriate colours. Take a look at these pictures for inspiration.


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Green is a safe colour for the exterior which add freshness and a natural look to your building. You can also add cladding to your building to give it a unique look.


Image source

This colour mix on a complex building is beautiful and provides a harmonious look. This is ideal for anyone who has a twin home, semi-detached or detached buildings


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Using Blue paint for your exterior adds a distinctive touch to your building.


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A plain white colour can be tricky in Ghana. However, if you live in a tarred community painting your house white always gives a classy look


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This mix of white and deep pink provides a unique but pleasant exterior.

I hope that helps as a starting point when you need ideas on how to paint a room in Ghana. These paintings are sure to enhance the beauty of any room or house. It would be great if you could share this with someone who might need some inspiration to decorate their single room in Ghana.

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