The importance of safety around swimming pools

Jan / 20 / 2017

You’ve moved into your Acasia Townhome and you’re eager to test out your new rooftop pool. Let’s go over a few guidelines and safety tips to make sure you’re prepared to host a safe swimmingenvironment for your family and visitors.

If you are hosting a pool party or just lounging by the pool with family but cannot be all hands on deck, make sure you have someone who is supervising all that is going on around the pool. A lot of accidents have occurred because someone took their eye off the people in the pool for a second. Assign someone to be on the lookout around the pool at all times especially if you have little children around. For young adults, make sure no one is swimming with alcohol or acting unruly. Whoever is supervising should be free from distractions like social media, chatty friends, alcohol. Always make sure that the supervisor can also swim.

Diving in shallow waters and pools that are above ground, should be avoided as much as possible. Serious spinal cord injuries, permanent brain damage, and death can occur to swimmers who dive into shallow water. Rooftop pools like the one on top of the Acasia homes are examples of pools that should not be dove into. However before you attempt diving into any pool at all, make sure that you know the depth of the deepest side of the pool and are an experienced swimmer.

Having a get together would require music which would be played through speakers. Speakers would usually mean extension cords which means having electrical wiring around the pool, which is sure to cause a fire or an explosion of sorts if tampered with the wrong way. A simple yet efficient way to get music playing around your pool area, would be to get a Beats Pill or another Bluetooth loudspeaker and play music remotely from your phone, Ipod or mp3 player. This helps you avoid the wiring and cords around the pool and the chaos that comes with it.

When your pool is not in use, make sure that it has appropriate barriers around it. Children and small dogscan climb through doggy doors, a window and even through gaps in a fence. Make sure your fence or barricade is such that small dogs and children can’t squeeze through the spaces. It must also be tall enough to avoid being climbed over. Avoid placing any pool furniture near the fence as it can be used as a means to climb over the fence. You should have a gate that is well maintained with self latching and self closing features. To go a step further, pool covers are a great way to prevent accidental splashes. A plastic pool covering on the pool is a great way to keep your pool away from the harsh changes of nature as well as from little inquisitive children. If you want to be more sophisticated, you can get a pool alarm that makes a sound whenever intruders, children or dogs go near the pool when there are no supervisors around.

A clean treated pool is a pool that everyone can enjoy. You don’t want to step out in full swimsuit regalia only to realize that there are frogs floating in the pool or worse, algae. Clean your pool at least twice a week or if you have a pool covering, at least once a week. Know the right pool chemicals to use for treating your pool as most of these become highly dangerous if mixed incorrectly and can cause skin burns. If cleaning your pool will be a huge task for you, employ a pool cleaning service to check your pool once a week. It might be an added cost but it ensures that your pool is always ready to go if you suddenly want to take a dip.

About 10 people die from unintentional drowning every day, with a hospitalization rate of 6% from unintentional pool injuries. With this post, we hope that some lessons have been learnt in order to keep your family safe and to enjoy the beauty of swimming pools especially in your new Acasia home.

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