The Subtle Invasive Nature Of Living In Apartments

Mar / 17 / 2017

Apartments have been around for a long time. They were seen as affordable housing units in the past but have now grown to be one of the most expensive and exclusive types of accommodation in the country. Most apartments come in the form of 2 or 3 bedrooms with a kitchen, bathroom and a living area. They are suitable for single persons, a couple or a very small family.

Living in apartments fosters a sense of community. Everyone in the building knows each other, children play amongst themselves and most times the tenants in the building form a neighborhood watch etc. Though there is a spirit of community, there can be times where things can get a bit too “close”. An apartment building with a lot of floors can be quite overwhelming for people who value their privacy. It means there are a lot of neighbours, a lot of names to learn, a lot of questions and sometimes a lot of noise. For anyone who does not live on the top floor of an apartment building, one bone of contention would be the noise the people above them would make. The issue of noisy upstairs neighbours is a common phenomenon in most apartment buildings. It becomes intrusive when you can especially hear what goes on inside their apartment.

Privacy also becomes an issue when you have nosy neighbours. Living in a block of flats where everyone knows your name, family and other personal information can be a bit intrusive. For security measure this can be a pro as your neighbours can raise an alarm when they sense an intruder but it can get overboard if your neighbours do not know when they have crossed the line.

Living in an apartment building like The Niiyo solves most of the problems mentioned above. With just 31 homes appropriately spaced out, there would be no talk of noisy neighbours. Each home comes with soft closing doors and is constructed such that one tenant cannot overhear what is happening in another’s apartment. The Avant Garde property is even more spacious. With 20 apartments, which are accommodating to whatever lifestyle you live, there is no issue of neighbours knowing your life history. More than adequate security also makes up for having to divulge information you would rather keep to yourself, so your neighbors will be on guard for intruders. Intercom facilities at both properties make sure that you are aware of anyone that comes in through your front door before they make an appearance.

Living in a Devtraco Plus apartment defies the invasive nature of apartments. A Devtraco Plus apartment is more than just an apartment, it becomes one’s personal haven shielded from any unwanted intrusion.

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