Things To Do in Ghana during Christmas

Dec / 01 / 2021


This year's Christmas is fast approaching! Numerous events are taking place on Christmas eve, including Gospel Choirs, Brunch, Santa Claus Gift Distribution, and Christmas Dinners in Accra, Foreigners and the diaspora packing the bag for Christmas in Ghana. Families are buying small Christmas trees to be decorated, children sing Christmas carols, and families have a week-long Christmas and New Year 2021 vacation during which they celebrate with cultural diversity. Apart from vacations, there's still a lot to explore! Get your tickets to scrumptious buffets, dinners, and galas near you and explore some of the best Christmas events and activities! Take part in interesting Christmas Eve 2021 activities & events to get you all set for New Year 2021!

Accra's Christmas Events 2021

As the Christmas spirit fills Accra, the list of December 2021 events only continues to grow. To embrace all the party vibes, check out all the festivals, parties and events happening in Accra in December. Make the most of the festive season with the curated list of December 2021 events in Accra!

Events are scheduled for November 2021 through early January 2022 in the official calendar. Several of the most highly anticipated events are returning this season, including Afrochella (December 28), A Taste of Ghana (December 27), Polo Beach Club (December 26-January 2), Little Havana (December 26), and GUBA Cruise (January 2). Ms Annabelle McKenzie, Director of Beyond the Return Secretariat, said, "We're excited to share all the holiday events happening in Ghana for the holiday season."





The City Tours

There is no better way to become acquainted with Ghana, its history, and culture than to take a city tour. It allows travellers to discover interesting places that they haven't read about. As well as this, they will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide who will help them gain a deeper understanding of the culture and history of the area. The tour guide will also ensure your safety and security. On your trip from sight to sight, your guide will provide context and answer questions. You can choose from many tour options.

You can do a tour right in the capital city of Accra. The trip takes you to Black Star Square, the Osu Castle, and the old British quarter, JamesTown, along with Markola Market and Kwame Nkrumah's Memorial Park and Museum.

In addition to the capital tours, you can also opt for a private tour from Accra to Cape Coast and Elmina in a single day. Include top sights such as Kakum National Park, Cape Coast Castle, the Elmina fish market, and more with a private vehicle and knowledgeable guide.

You can also enjoy a half-day safari trip without leaving Accra. You will visit the Shai Hills Resource Reserve, which is home to animals such as primates, zebras, ostriches, and antelope. Additionally, you will have the chance to hike while you learn about the region's history from your guide.

From Accra, visit Lower Volta Torgome Village and experience life in a village from old traditions to modern tradition Unusual opportunity for you to visit a place largely untouched by tourism All transportation included, so you can visit in one day

Discover a village off the beaten tourist track on a tour to Torgome in the Lower Volta, two hours outside of Accra. Tour the village and meet the village elders, then watch or participate in a traditional drumming and dancing ceremony to experience how daily life is in Ghana's more remote corners. During this tour, you will also visit the Shai Hills Nature Reserve where you will learn about the region's wildlife.

There are many tour options check out these two sites to make your reservation; Viator and Get Your Guide,

Unusual Attractions in Ghana

Aside from the tours, there are many interesting attraction sites you may want to visit for the full experience of Ghana nationwide. We already mentioned Kakum national park and Shai hill. Ghana is also blessed with lots of waterfalls you may visit. Such waterfalls include Wli waterfall, Chenku Waterfall, Akaa Waterfalls, Adom waterfall just to mention a few. Below are some of the “unusual” attraction sites in Ghana

Aburi Botanical Garden

Aburi is situated on the Akwapim-Togo Range. It’s less than an hour drive from Accra, the capital of Ghana. Aburi has a cool, mountainous climate that appeals to people who like the cool side of life. The Aburi Botanical Gardens are situated in this cool, serene environment. The garden spans a total area of 160 acres. In fact, only three (3) acres have been developed. The rest serves as a botanical reserve. Guests of all ages can experience this garden's edifying, aesthetic and spiritual qualities. If one considers that humans are genetically adapted to draw their healing, peace, and replenishment from nature. It’s perfect for a picnic.

Larabanga Mosque,Ghana

Ghana's first mosque is known as the "Mecca of West Africa." It is the oldest mosque in Ghana, perhaps even in all of West Africa. In spite of inclement weather and shoddy construction, the structure has survived hundreds of years.

Here is a little back story about the mosque. In the 1970s, the mosque deteriorated and reconstruction crews applied cement to the walls in an attempt to strengthen them, but the mixture allowed moisture to penetrate the ancient wooden beams. Following a termite infestation, a storm brought down the weakened minaret. The Ghana Museums and other bodies funded and employed local artisans to fix their mistakes. They removed the cement and reapplied a mud paste. The minaret was rebuilt, the walls were whitewashed, and the mosque was restored to its former glory.

Mole National Park; West Gonja, Ghana

Visiting Ghana's largest wildlife refuge is like walking in the animals' backyard. The Mole National Park is located about 90 miles northwest of Tamale in northwest Ghana. Due to the park's remote location, its grounds are still relatively undeveloped and untouristy, which gives you the feeling of wandering through the animals' own backyard. The park stretches across about 3,000 square miles and is nourished by the Lovi and Mole rivers. There are a lovely getaway hotel and pool on the grounds that overlook the savanna woodland, where elephants may be seen meandering by water holes.

The Tengzug Shrine

A popular tourist attraction in the northern region, Tengzug Shrine was once used by slaves escaping their captors. Now, it is used more traditionally for religious animal sacrifices for good luck and for pleasing the ancestors of the Talensis. Visitors can scale the rocks up to the Tengzug Shrine with a guide. A private tour ride may be rented or you may take public transport or travel by plane to travel to the Tamale from Accra and continue by road to Bolgatanga, Ghana.

Top 6 Cool Places to Eat & Drink in Ghana

In Accra, Ghana, it is easy to locate food joints and restaurants to visit. Accra has over 100 different restaurants and food joints, with many of the most popular ones located in the central parts of Accra and Osu, Airport and East Legon area.

Maybe you are wondering, “Where should I eat dinner in Accra?” We will recommend a few, you may check out this blog and trip advisor for more.

You can choose from a wide selection of restaurants serving everything from casual diner food to upscale gourmet cuisine. The restaurants are located in upscale spaces with rooftop views and cosy gardens. But of course, starting on the list are cuisines that serve local Ghanaian dishes.

Asanka Local

Location: Osu, Accra

Food served: Fufu, Banku, Tilapia, Kenkey & more

At Asanka Local, you can get all your favourite Ghanaian dishes simply and at a reasonable price. It can accommodate about 50 diners, a good for host groups and an ideal spot to try authentic Ghanaian local dishes

Azmera Restaurant

Location: Roman Ridge, Accra.

Food Served: Fufu, Waakye, Banku, and assorted array of soups

The Azmera Restaurant is a unique restaurant serving local Ghanaian dishes in an elegant buffet setting. The Azmera Restaurant offers authentic Ghanaian culture; from the fresh coconut juice available to all to the local earthenware pots they serve their food in. Since they offer a buffet, it will be a great way to try many local foods at a sitting

The Buka Restaurant

Location: Osu, Accra

Food Served: Waakye, Jollof, Banku, Snails, and make more

Interested in authentic African cuisine? Don't miss out on the Buka Restaurant. Local Ghanaian and other African dishes expertly prepared and presented are offered to satisfy any kind of palate. Perfect for large groups.

The Red Red Restaurant

Location: Airport, Accra

Food served: Local and continental dishes

In the Marriott Hotel, there is the Red Red Restaurant, which offers a wide range of local and international cuisines to choose from. The restaurant has a very pleasant atmosphere, suitable for all occasions, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Location: Airport, Accra

Food served: Japanese, Sushi, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten-Free Options

Santoku offers contemporary and sophisticated Japanese cuisine. Enjoy world-class Asian fusion cuisine in a setting curated by international talent. A Santoku menu combines traditional Japanese culinary customs with contemporary cuisine.

Zen Garden

Location: Labone, Accra

Food served: tasty burgers, Lebanese dishes, sweet-savoury local dishes and pizzas.

At Zen Garden, you can find serenity in the city. Located in an enclosed garden, the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. From 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Monday through Thursday, there's happy hour and You can also enjoy 25% off cocktails and beer.

In this article we have summed up Things you can do in Ghana at any time of the year but most particularly if you’re travelling to Ghana for the Beyond the Return December festive season. Of course, we can’t exhaust all the restaurants and list of activities to do in Ghana. This can be a start for a tourist; also here are a few websites to check out for more. Other restaurant guides, Tripadvisor, Get Your guide and Viator

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