Top 10 Trusted Real Estate Companies In Ghana

Feb / 12 / 2021

One of the most important investments one gets to do in a lifetime is to invest into properties from trusted real estate developers or companies. What makes this decision a very important one? There are several reasons, key among them being the financial capital involved, the complexity of the real estate industry and the specialized/professional skills required to ensure that every penny is well spent. We will look at real estate as an industry and as an investment option in subsequent blogs. However, our focus here is to help you navigate the troubled waters of having to decide on the top 10 best real estate developers in Ghana one can find. Before we look at these trusted real estate companies in Ghana, let’s first look at what Real Estate is.

What is real estate?

Real estate consists of land and permanent improvements that come along with it such as buildings, utility systems, fixtures, roads etc. The real estate industry in Ghana has been growing quite steadily over the last two decades and has seen even greater growth in the recent past with several developers joining the industry. This trend, although well-intentioned, has given rise to a number of concerns with both practitioners and customers. Some of the challenges bother on the regulation of members & standardization of practice by an institution such as the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA). This situation has resulted in a scenario where customers are caught in a situation of having to decide on which of these many real estate developers are professional and customer-focused in a way that they can trust and have an assurance of their monies worth in their real estate investment. It is the reason we are putting together this blog to help you make sense of the options of the most reliable real estate companies in Ghana. Indeed, it is not possible to manage real estate developments without professionals, hence, real estate developers are professionals who obtain land, prepare it for development, manage the construction, and drive the marketing and sale of properties.

Types of Real Estate in Ghana

Real estate can be classified either as being commercial, residential, industrial or land.

  • Commercial real estate is any property used exclusively for business purposes, such as offices, hotels, malls, restaurants etc.

  • Residential real estate is any property used for residential purposes. Examples include single-family homes, apartment complexes, gated communities etc.

  • Industrial real estate as the name suggests, is any property used for research, distribution, manufacturing etc. Examples include factories and warehouses.

  • Land: This includes vacant land, undeveloped property etc.

Why should I buy real estate from a trusted real estate developer?

1. Quality of build

If you have ever attempted to handle your own real estate development, or have assigned it to someone you trust, you would easily attest to the disappointment that you face. The attitude of artisans, frequent land disputes not to talk about getting the right quality of material needed in building at a very cost-effective price is the very reason why you need to engage the services of a trusted real estate developer to calm your nerves and put your mind at peace. A professional real estate developer is always minded to ensure that their houses are of the highest quality so as to maintain the trust of their customers.

2. Brand Reputation

They have a brand to protect. Established developers will not take the risk of providing a sub-standard product that will later on bring it more bad press than good. In fact, one of the biggest assets any real estate developer has, is its brand reputation. Most real estate developers have built their reputation over a period of time. They are therefore keen on ensuring that they provide the best of service to make their customers satisfied. For the customer who intends to sell his property in the future, securing a property from a recognized brand is critical to the value of any future price of the property.

3. Easy access to Mortgage/Home-loans

For mortgage providers, it is easier to approve home loans for clients who seek to acquire mortgages for properties from trusted developers. Providers are well aware of the reputation of trusted developers and how individuals are keen on investing in properties. Purchasing real estate from a trusted developer gives the mortgage providers the confidence that they can easily recoup their loan based on the value of the investment.

Let’s cut the chase and help you with your choices on the Top 10 most trusted real estate developers in Ghana. These real estate companies offer the best overall value for money and have great options to meet their customer needs.

This list of the top 10 trusted real estate companies in Ghana is in no particular order of merit, however, they have earned a place in this list based on desk research conducted on their past experience in the industry, the scale and size of developments, the innovation of products, industry awards and professionalism.

Here we go with our pick for the Top 10 Trusted Real Estate Companies in Ghana!

  • Devtraco Plus Limited

  • Clifton Homes

  • Denya Properties Limited

  • Earlbeam Realty

  • CapeMay Properties

  • Whitewall Properties Limited

  • Trasacco Estate Development

  • DP Group

  • Imperial Homes

  • Goldkey Properties

1. Devtraco Plus

In any permutation of the best and trusted real estate companies in Ghana, the list is not complete without the mention of Devtraco Plus. Birthed from the famous Devtraco brand, it is a real estate industry leader and trusted real estate developer with three decades of experience in providing professional service to our clients. Devtraco Plus’s overall vision is to establish a niche for its premium quality housing and luxurious homes units in prime zones in Accra. Our passion is to satisfy our customers with excellent service delivery. This is our hallmark. Our plush real estate properties possess a signature style and character, expertly designed to effectively function with modern finishing and built with materials that reflect our commitment to quality and luxury. We stand out with our competitive price and flexible payment plan options structured with our customers in mind.

As a testament to our commitment to quality, we have won many awards over the years. We consistently picked up several category awards in best apartments, best development marketing, best mixed-use development, and best architecture during the International Property Awards over the period 2015-2019.

Check out the Devtraco Plus developments by location here:




Roman Ridge:

Airport Residential Area:

Welcome to the rich heritage and limitless boundaries in the quality and exclusive urban luxury way of living the Devtraco Plus dream.

Contact us on our hotline: 027000004

2. Clifton Homes

Clifton Homes is one of Ghana’s most trusted real estate developers known for its stylish and quality homes situated in prime locations in Accra at competitive prices. As real estate developers, they have great payment plans that make the investment even more affordable.

The team of developers at Clifton Homes gives attention to details, whether this is in relation to client communications, managing construction costs, or interior fittings and finishing.

This combination of exceptional engagement with their clients has led to a track record of sell-out developments, market-leading asset growth and rental yields, and an impressive record of repeat buyers and referrals.

Some of their recent projects include Kai Villas, The Gallery, Embassy Gardens and The Lennox

3. Denya Developers

Denya Developers is part of the Pragnya Group which has over twenty years of experience in the real estate industry. Their brand is well known for the provision of amazing 10years structural warranties and 5years warranties on waterproofing and leakages. Denya Developers has seen significant growth in popularity in recent times and are noted as the real estate developers that create high-end apartments and luxurious homes.

Their experience spans all phases of the development cycle, from land acquisition through to the finishing touch.

Some of their developments include; Tribute House in Airport, The Pavillion in Cantonments and The Ivy apartment at East Legon.

4. Earlbeam Realty

Earlbeam Realty as a trusted real estate company in Accra, Ghana is known for its creativity, innovation, and people-oriented attribute in providing a good level of service and standard luxurious homes in the real estate industry. The philosophy of Earlbeam Realty is hinged on the belief that your home is your wealth hence they provide a 2-year warranty on all fixtures and fittings on all their developments. Some of their development include; 23 Odum townhouse at Dzorwulu, Fairfax townhouses at East Legon Hills and Earl Heights apartment at Dzorwulu.

5. Imperial Homes

Imperial Homes is well known as one of the most reliable real estate industry pacesetters and leaders in luxury homes. Their passion is in delivering quality homes to their customers and offering support and customer service.

Over the years, Imperial Homes has invested in a team of committed and well-resourced professionals and tradesmen to provide their customers with a variety of real estate solutions ranging from residential to commercial and retail properties. Their commitment to the quality, safety and sustainability of their properties is not compromised and this provides assurance to their clients and the communities that encounter them.

Some of their development include; Adelaide vista at East Legon, Rangoon residence at Cantonment, Lincoln Court at Cantonment and Danziger apartment at Osu.

6. CapeMay Properties

CapeMay Properties is a full services real estate company which seeks to redefine urban living by changing the skyline of Accra with their elegant housing designs. As one of the most trusted real estate developers in Ghana, their pride is in the delivery of elegant and timeless buildings with a keen focus on exceptional customer service. With over a decade of experience in the industry, CapeMay is certainly re-stating the real estate story here in Ghana.

Their flagship development is The Signature apartments in Accra.

7. Goldkey Properties

Goldkey Properties, with over 20 years in the real estate industry, has built a reputation with its impeccable design, attention to detail, luxury, and security. These standards are the principles that underpin all the projects executed by Goldkey properties. Customer satisfaction is their driving force, providing their clients with premium quality on residential and commercial developments by making the best use of space and reflecting the modern lifestyle of the Ghanaian.

Some of their developments include; Cantonments city apartment at Cantonments, Hammond Court at Cantonments and Asafu Agyei’s place at Airport Residential.

8. DP Group Homes

DP Group Homes are into niche developments committed to delivering high quality and contemporary housing designs for the modern homebuyer. They take the stress out of building your home. They specialize in offering luxury and comfort while maximizing space.

At DP Group Homes, they focus on building exclusive limited-edition homes in prime locations. Every home has a combination of their signature traditional craftsmanship and contemporary designs.

DP Group Home provides opportunities to upgrade various items to suit your personality. They create exquisite homes tailored to satisfy your desires and lifestyle.

They have a development called Kingfisher Court at Adjiringanor

9. Trasacco Estates Development Company Ltd

Trasacco Estates Development Company Ltd provides turnkey developments with strong in-house design and construction teams dedicated to raising the standards for quality and innovation in the industry. Their service is hinged on creativity, originality and application of strong design principles. Currently engaged in a number of projects across different sectors including master planning, luxury apartments and houses, mixed-use developments, hotels and resorts as well as interior design.
Their developments Villaggio Vista, Adinkra Heights, and Villaggio Primavera all in Accra.

10. Whitewall Properties

Whitewall Properties is one of Ghana's leading real estate developers with the aim of providing world-class residential homes for the middle and high-end markets. The company builds its reputation on the delivery of quality products and ensuring value, transparency and satisfaction are achieved.

Some of their development include; Brandon Courts at Adjiringanor, Adams Grey townhouses at East Legon Hills and Pine Courts at Cantonments

These top ten trusted real estate companies presented above provide a mine of information for any potential real estate investor or customer. It provides insights that would otherwise take a considerable length of time to have in one place. That said, our in-house experts are ready to help you with your real estate investment decision.

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