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Apr / 11 / 2022

Ghana's economy is one of the fastest-growing in Africa. This has made Ghana see growth in various verticals in the economy, particularly the tourist sector. This has attracted thousands of travellers and expats to visit Ghana. And consequently, the concerns about finding the best places to live in Accra. Because Accra is the capital of Ghana, most individuals; Ghanaians and foreigners mostly settle in Accra. Also, Accra is known for its well-organised roadways, and historic sites, and is the most developed city in Ghana. Accra is just one of the most prominent places to stay, which has a vivid nightlife and also sanitation, hence making it the most attractive place to live in Ghana.

If you are planning a journey to Accra while seeking the finest and most extravagant location to stay in, then you need to take into consideration these top locations in Accra. Accra, being a big city, will highlight the luxurious and best locations to live in. However, let’s take a look at why these locations are important and what you should consider when choosing a place to live.

Factors To Take into consideration When Selecting The Best Location To Stay In Accra.

  1. Security

On top of the checklist are safety and security. Everyone deserves to really feel secure. Our homes are meant to be safe havens for us, as well as it is important that we really feel safeguarded there. Another substantial aspect of security is the area in which we live. A safe environment will relieve many of the anxiousness connected with most likely phenomenal actions to protect your house. The goal is to have a safe and secure home and also not be imprisoned in your home because of unsafe surroundings. You ought to be permitted to delight site visitors as well as socialise with your neighbours without worrying about assault, theft, or violence.

  1. Proximity

The location of the property must match the needs and demands of potential buyers. Thorough research about ownership, type, and intended usage of a location is advised to get answers to these questions. A location's value is higher if it has access to good schools, restaurants, hangout spots, and scenic views. Many homeowners are willing to pay for properties in such locations.

These and many other reasons you need to consider when selecting a location. Check out the article on why location selection is important in real estate for extensive details.

Top 10 Prime Locations To Live In Accra

  1. Airport Residential Area

This is taken into consideration as one of the top locations and the finest place to stay in Accra. Its name is not an accident because it is close to the Kotoka International Airport Terminal. It's mainly inhabited by the top affluence in society because of the cost of living in Airport Residential. Noticeable and also popular Ghanaians, such as some Ex-President of Ghana, celebrities, government officials and top influential personalities in Ghana. With wonderful restaurants, resorts, colleges, shopping malls, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, banking halls, as well as airline offices, it is just one of Accra's many created areas.

The majority of the occupants have automobiles because public transportation is not as efficient as it is in various other locations. Purchasing residential property in the Airport Suburb is not a budget-friendly feat, as the demand continues to surpass supply in this field.

This neighbourhood in Accra can boast of the very best hotels in Accra with the popular Marriott Hotel, Holiday Inn Hotel, Western Premier Hotel, African Regent Hotel and Ibis Styles Resort. This area in Accra is the best choice for the majority of exclusive and also government firms (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also Regional Assimilation, National Communication Authority).

There are several social facilities located in the airport city, Accra, making the area desirable. These include : Polo Court, fuel stations (Airport terminal Shell), healthcare facilities (Nyaho Medical Centre, Airport Clinic), shopping malls (Accra Mall and the Marina Shopping Mall). Activities like these make it an extremely security-conscious area.

One of the best townhouses to live in AIrport is the Palmers Place by Devtraco Plus. This rental property is ideal for young cosmopolitan families as well as retired professionals - both are sure to find pleasure in this gated residential haven equipped with first-class amenities. You may contact Talis Property services to enquire about renting a home in Palmers Place

  1. Cantonments

Another prime and luxurious location in Accra, Cantonments is a peaceful neighbourhood well known for its wealth and also its diplomatic atmosphere. The majority of embassies as well as high payments are positioned there, including the United States, Russia, the EU, and also Australia. Additionally, most of their real estate units are extravagant apartments or condos and townhouses. A couple of detached and semi-detached homes are offered. If you intend to live in Accra's many safe and secure areas, Cantonments is the most effective choice.

Protection is always excellent at this high-end polite place, which is recognized for its high-end and also diplomatic atmosphere. There are generally security personnel at diplomats' residences as well as police patrols in your area. The Ministry of Defence's place includes its high degree of safety. It is due to these aspects that the variety of thefts and risks in this place has decreased.

This location is about a 5-minute drive from the airport terminal and about 15 minutes drive to Kwame Nkrumah Circle. Cantonment has a few restaurants, hotels, financial halls, and also hospitals. For the most part, you would certainly discover three to four-bedroom residences there, and also they are frequently magnificently furnished.

This makes it a dreamland for families over the middle-income brace. The expense of living is likewise high; because of this, to move there, you need to be rather financially stable. Osu is 15 mins away from Cantonment, so you can enjoy the nightlife and entertainment centres.

There is some degree of flexibility and also precision in this neighbourhood situated in Accra. Utilising the roads of Cantonments is extra risk-free for both children and adults. Dining establishments, coffee shops, going shopping centres, and also clubs at Cantonments are very refuged to be. These resting areas are appropriate for work and also recreation. Most of these areas have guards and also pet dogs to ensure that the place is devoid of any danger. There is power and water supply readily available.

Additionally, there are many schools in Cantonments ranging from preschool to Senior High School, they include Soul Clinic International School, Ghana International Institution, and Morning Star Institution, these private schools have adopted the British or American curriculum.

Buying a property in an affluent community such as Cantonments yields a high return on investment. You would rather invest in the Pelican Hotel Apartments, a hotel investment model that is successful around the world and developed by Devtraco Plus, one of the leading real estate developers in Ghana.

  1. Tse Addo/ Burma Hills

Tse Addo/ Burma Hills is just one of the up-and-coming areas and a top location in Accra, Ghana, which has become popular very recently. This is largely because of the sudden spring of new and modern buildings in the area. It is found closely between the airport, trade fair and Teshie. Tse Addo/ Burma Hills is a 10 minutes drive to the city centre.

Its populace is a mix of high and low income earners, however, it’s become popular for middle to high income earners because of the increased cost of living in the Tse Addo and Burma Hill. It is largely a residential area, with few restaurants and pubs, to select from. This Suburb is just one of the finest locations to live in Accra. The safety and security in this neighbourhood in Accra is one praise. The proximity of the airport makes it safe for transport. The calm nature of this area has made it one of the best locations to live in Accra.

  1. East Legon

Also called the "Rich Kids Hood," East Legon is one of the luxurious locations to live in Accra. It lies 14 km to the northeast of the city centre with different dining establishments, bars, coffee houses, financial institutions, and additionally a shopping centre. The residents of this place are mainly affluent Ghanaians living over the middle-income bracket.

East Legon lies to the northeast of Accra Central, and is also neighbored by Spintex to the south; Madina and also Ashaley Botwe to the north; The University of Ghana Campus as well as Achimota to the west; as well as Trasacco Estates to the eastern.

The neighbourhood flaunts a really vibrant real estate market. Taken into consideration by lots of specialists in the sector as one of Accra's prime property hotspots, properties in East Legon command high rates and rental fees. One of its landmarks is the A&C Square, where the A&C Shopping centre is bordered by various other service facilities accommodating varied wants and needs, consisting of dining establishments where many gather to unwind after a day's work and also have little meetings.

The A&C Square is a terrific base to offer directions to places in the neighbourhood since it is just one of the easiest locations to locate. All over East Legon are company ventures catering to the majority of needs and business reality for rent offered to brand-new entrepreneurs.

If you're thinking about finding a building in East Legon, you'll be pleased to understand that it's greater than simply a great centre for the company. It's a neighbourhood that is primarily self-sustainable with the comfort of services, transport, and schools within walking distance depending upon which component you happen to live. There's the Lizzy Sports Complicated (Marcel Desailly Sports Complex) for every little sporting activity, from keeping fit in the gym to having a leisurely swim or playing a friendly game of football with pals as well as associates. There are several dining establishments as well as food joints specialising in local or exotic food. Shopping marts for stocking your groceries, refrigerators as well as pantry. Easy access to buying basic household products. Simply put, there are lots of various other organisations.

Brand-new business ventures spring up very commonly in the East Legon neighbourhood, and also it's fairly a thrill to walk around the location, finding the diversity of individuals as well as solutions both well known and also the unknown and unidentified. Simply think about the thing or service, and also you're highly likely to discover it or a service that serves it within East Legon.

  1. Labone

Labone is another sought after location, it shares an invisible border with Cantonment. The neighbourhood is also changing fast, where new high rise buildings are being put on every day. Its lands stretch to Labadi both to the east and to the south. Besides, it is normally inhabited by middle class Ghanaians, as well as foreigners, such as the Lebanese that live there with their families.

For benefit, you can employ housing agents to aid you to lease a residence for up to 2 years. You'll most likely locate 3-4 room residences coming from rich people, with several housing properties. One downside of living in Labone is that there aren't numerous services, like dining establishments, bars, bars, and also markets around. So, you would need to go to Osu to obtain the majority of the things you require. Fortunately, Osu is just a 10 minutes drive from Labone. Labone is also known for its many fine dining, cafes and restaurants. Such restaurants include Brasa, Milkbox, Bosphorus and many others.

Are you convinced about Labone? Here is a place to check for rentals; The Edge, a luxury apartment in Labone. Ghana's expat hub. Comfortably located in the middle of Labone, and sandwiched between Osu and Cantonments.

  1. Roman Ridge

Roman Ridge lies in the West of the Airport residential area. It has numerous outstanding restaurants supplying mouthwatering meals. It is also among the best places to discover serviced homes for rental fees. As a result of the area's peaceful nature, if you want to enjoy the nightlife as well as the enjoyment centres, you need to check out neighbouring locations, like Osu.

They mainly take trips to and out of the country and consequently hardly ever remain in their glamorous East Legon residences. Realty agents and housing agents are always available to aid you to select and also buy a residence that is appropriate for your needs.

The third protected area in Accra is the Roman Ridge. It lies in the north of Accra. With its calm nature, Roman Ridge is commonly seen much more as a residential area than a service atmosphere, in spite of the emergence of companies because of the location.

A preferred institution in that location is the Roman Ridge College which absorbs foreign pupils, for this reason, it is ensured space and also its environments are really safe for usage. Roman Ridge is a popular neighbourhood for Ghanaians and immigrants, with several hotels and apartments. It is recognized as being safe, as it houses the Indian and Nigerian High Commissions, and there are also mediators living there. Shopping centres and restaurants are springing up as the area continues to develop rapidly. Driving in the neighbourhood is straightforward as all the streets are well-tarred.

Right in the heart of Roman Ridge is NoVa, an urban lifestyle development by Devtraco Plus. The NoVA property is available for renting and for sale and comes in studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. Click here for information.

  1. West Legon

West Legon is incredibly comparable to its sibling, East Legon. It lies approximately 20 minutes drive to the city centre, and it's likewise house to a bevvy of affluent Ghanaians as well as immigrants. Just like East Legon, a lot of the citizens regularly travel in and out of the nation or return completely after living abroad. Despite the fact that it is not as renowned as East Legon, its apartments, as well as estate housing, make it perfect for business owners and also international pupils registered at the College of Ghana (Legon).

West Legon, popularly referred to as Wetlands, is among the secured areas in Accra. The homeowners are primarily the abundant Ghanaians as well as foreigners who see or live in Ghana. Wetlands is a well-planned and also well-lit-up area bordered naturally as well as with goods roadways.

This area in Accra is tranquil, with some organisation tasks. There are very few shops around, the few ones are stores, beauty parlours, as well as barbershops. The workplaces in the area are a hand complete with some banks topping the listing. The location is still established as well as guarantees to be added risk-free as it does. It likewise has a consistent supply of water and power.

Once more, the schools in this protected location are not many, however, the most discussed is Brainy Bairn school. There is little when it pertains to pastime, with the local being the Legon Arboretums. In all, there is the presence of cops patrolling the location day and night, and also private security personnel in individual residences.

  1. Osu

This is just one of the most well-known areas in Accra. It is constantly dynamic with life, especially in the evening and also there are also dining establishments open 24/7. It was not intended to be a house, so it makes sense that it has few to zero residences, unlike the locations mentioned over. However, it has actually serviced apartments or condos that are excellent for middle-income citizens, and international nationals that appreciate the city's nightlife.

It is characterised by structures that date back centuries and also has lots of historical and tourist sites like the Osu Castle and home to national culture. The famous Oxford Street is the "street that never rests" with Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Indian dining establishments, bars, coffee shops, and also bars open throughout the night. Osu is one of the central locations in Accra, close to independence square and Makola market in Accra.

  1. Dzorwulu

Dzorwulu is one of the top locations in Ghana. Although this area has fewer real estate and serviced apartments than its counterparts, it is still sought out by affluent Ghanaians as well as expats as a result of the good roads, variety of dining establishments with fantastic food, supermarkets, and a myriad of banks. It is a 30-minutes drive to the Kotoka International Airport and the city centre. Dzorwulu is fairly comparable to Labone, although it is a more dynamic location with regard to nightlife as well as the facilities readily available.

  1. Tesano

Tesano is one of the top locations in Accra, Ghana, a safeguarded place to live or execute organisation activities. It is a district in Accra located on the Accra-Nsawam freeway. Most significantly, it took into consideration a highly secure, tranquil, and safeguarded location due to the police headquarters. Companies located at Tesano include banks, shops, restaurants and also media houses.

Tesano is the residence of garages (cars and truck sales). The preferred spots in Tesano are the Ghana Technology University and the popular Tesano Sports club for entertainment and also showing off tasks. Also, the most paid attention to radio and also television terminals can be located there; Peace FM, and UTV.

The area in Accra is well-planned with a beautiful format of semi-detached houses and also estate houses, hotels, offices, as well as other companies. Moreover, this area likewise features electricity and also the water supply. Likewise, some homes take action to employ their own guard, which makes the area safer. Tesano additionally has dining establishments, dining establishments, and also clubs for homeowners and passersby which are risk-free to use.

Well, there you have it. These are the top 10 finest areas to reside in Accra. Bear in mind that homes in Airport House, Cantonment, West Legon, and also East Legon might be pricier because of the type of locals remaining there. Nevertheless, they have superb services like colleges, restaurants, shopping malls, and also hotels.

Various other places like Dansoman, Osu, and also Dzorwulu are less costly as well as provide terrific amusement, particularly at night. With this information, hopefully, you'll have the ability to pick an area to live in if you decide to move to Accra.

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