Why Ghana Has Become A Top Real Estate Investment Destination

Feb / 28 / 2021

Tucked beautifully between Togo and Ivory Coast, the sub-Saharan country of Ghana is fast becoming a real estate haven for scores of people around the world. In this post, the various reasons why Ghana is your ideal country for real estate investment will be explored.

  1. Housing Deficit

With a housing deficit of about a million units in Ghana, developers are finding means and ways to bridge this housing gap. Among such is Devtraco Plus, which seeks to provide luxurious apartments and townhomes for Ghanaians and individuals looking to invest in properties in Ghana. This is one of the best times to enter the market and invest in property. Devtraco Plus has guaranteed returns on its hotel apartment investment, the Pelican. This bodes well for foreign investors and multinational companies who wish to invest or reside in the country.

  1. Demand For Upscale Properties

With a growing population, well-educated and sophisticated professionals, the demand for upscale properties has increased over time. The discovery of oil, as well as the presence of multiple tourist attractions, puts Ghana at a place of high interest for investors. Devtraco Plus has its properties located in prime areas of Ghana to satisfy the lifestyle of our clients. The growing number of expatriates, young professionals and young families who are gravitating towards gated communities and estates further from the city centre, continue to create a market that investors can take advantage of.

  1. Geographically Convenient Location

Ghana’s climate is mildly tropical with two main seasons: wet and dry seasons. The average daily temperature ranges from 30 degrees Celsius during the day to 24 degrees celsius at night. This stable and sunny climate makes Ghana a favourable investment destination for real estate developers. Furthermore, the landscape is rife with lush greenery, resplendent water bodies, and many natural archaeological aesthetics.

  1. Infrastructural Development And Social Amenities

Ghana boasts of ultramodern airports in Accra and other major cities in the country. Every region has hospitals, clinics, and polyclinics that are owned by the government, religious organisations, and private entities. Many schools offering SATs, Cambridge, Baccalaureate, and WAEC examinations abound in Ghana. In Ghana, you will find many recreational centres ranging from art museums and exhibitions, gardens, national parks. There is a buzzing nightlife in Ghana with teeming clubs, restaurants, open beaches, and many other exciting places to visit. Devtraco Plus houses and apartments are situated in the choicest parts of Accra thus making it easy to assess all these amenities.

  1. Political Stability

Ghana has not had a coup since 31 December 1981. Since the coming into force of the 1992 Constitution, there has been a peaceful exchange of political power via a democratic election. There are no known rebel groups or political mafias in Ghana and Ghana’s security personnel are also well equipped to handle daily security issues.

As Ghana is fast turning into the go-to investment destination and a springboard for investors from all over the world, you should trust your money with Devtraco Plus. With over 25 years of experience in the real estate business in Ghana. If you are seeking a haven to invest your hard-earned money on the African continent, then Devtraco Plus is here to cater for your need for luxurious apartments and townhouses. Real estate investment in Ghana can be hassle-free. From luxurious apartments to townhouses to hotel apartments in Ghana, Devtraco Plus has it all. Check out the Devtraco Plus’s website https://www.devtracoplus.com for the choicest properties in Accra. Fill the portal form indicating the kind of property you want and you will be called to schedule a viewing.

Additionally, you may visit Devtraco Plus office on No. 8B, Sir Arku Korsah Road, Airport Residential Area or call 0302798692

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