A Bird’s-eye view of Accra’s Skyline

Feb / 24 / 2017

Over the past ten years, Accra’s skyline has evolved from being picturesque roof top scenery to being strewn with real estate headliners. It is now filled with tall towers and bright lights almost identical to the bright lights and tall towers of New York. Let’s take a look at the few buildings playing Superman in the Accra sky.

The Villagio residency at the Tetteh Quarshie roundabout is one of the most iconic buildings taking over Accra. The building which is a trio made up of The Vista, Aqua and Alto can be seen from as far back as Dzorwulu junction with its bright orange and green colors. Its unique design catches the eye and makes one wonder as to how the architect came up with such a design. Aside its unique design, it comes alive at night with its rooftop bar called the Sky Bar. The lights from this bar bring life to the already lively building and help give the building its iconic look. Even though Villagio has many other residencies, the building at Tetteh Quarshie is the most iconic and is one of the reasons that the real estate company is popular.

Ghana National Mosque at Kanda is another building that lights up the city. The mosque which is the biggest mosque in Africa is a perfect example of Ottoman design and gives hints of the elegance that is associated with Islamic architecture. Constructed by the Turkish as a gift to Ghana, it has become known as one of the most beautiful edifices built in Accra. The design is heavily influenced by the Blue Mosque (or the Sultan Ahmet Mosque) in Istanbul as well as the Selimiye Mosque, also in Turkey. When the lights in the mosque come on at night time, the mosque looks like a scene right out of the fairytale. Even during the daytime, its four minarets extending up to 62 meters is seen from far away and gives a mystique feel to the building.

One other building that has been the talk of Accra and continues to reign as one of Accra’s high risers is the Icon House building. Home of the exclusive Coco Lounge, Urban Grill and the newly opened Carbon club, the Icon Building is truly as its name states, Iconic. With the lights and decor from Coco Lounge being seen from across the road and the tall glass wall and elevator leading to Urban Grill, the building oozes class and elegance. It also helps that it is located right next to the Stanbic Heights building which is also a tower of beauty in itself. This building houses the Stanbic Headquarters, a café and various shops to complete its edifice.

Moving away from Airport city to Accra central, the Movenpick hotel stands tall as one of the noticeable buildings on that side of the capital. Constructed to replace the defunct Ambassador Hotel established during Ghana’s independence era, the hotel is set in the heart of the nation’s capital. Movenpick Ambassador Hotel is another imposing structure that does not skip the eyes of passersby. With a glorious past and a vibrant future, Movenpick embodies Ghana’s rich heritage and promise in the real estate sector.

These buildings are the top contenders for giving the Accra skyline its iconic look. Devtraco Plus is also looking to join this list this year with its Acasia townhomes project. Each home will have a rooftop pool, perfect for anyone who wants to relax and enjoy the vast horizon of Accra’s lit skyline.

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