A Guide to Public Transport in Accra

Jul / 13 / 2018

The City of Accra has evolved since the early 90’s. So many new districts have emerged. There are many options to connect to nearby districts, by road, using public transport and we delve in with these options.


Ghana’s number one mode of transportation is the Trotro. Trotros are mini vans or Mercedes 207 buses which have been converted to carry passengers. They usually hold 16-24 people and can be tightly cramped. It is however the preferred mode of transportation for most of Accra’s working class as it is considered to be the cheapest option. Trotros are almost always available and go to every district in Accra. There are no time schedules for trotros but the usual wait time for one is 10 minutes during the daytime and 15 minutes during nighttime. You will usually find an empty seat in a passing trotro but it is best to board one from a trotro station.


Taxis are next after trotros. They are the most common mode of transportation in Accra. Taxis can be identified by their popular yellow paint on the vehicles fenders. You will most probably hear a taxi before you see them due to their constant honking to get your attention. Though taxis are more comfortable than trotros, they can also be quite expensive. Short distances can cost from 5 cedis to 7cedis while longer distances can cost from 10 cedis upwards.

Taxis operating in Accra do not have a metered system, hence the fare is often negotiated.

By Shared Taxi

These are taxis that are waiting at transport stations that go directly to a specified destination. They usually have a sign on top of their cars with the destination written boldly on them. These taxis are usually shared by 4 passengers and only leave when the car is full. Due to the shared cost between the passengers, the fares are usually less expensive than the regular taxi. It is advisable to take these kind of taxis when going to a residential area or an area less travelled by trotros.

Bus rapid transit

These buses are harder to access as they ply specific routes and are quickly filled due to their safety, reliable and comfortable standards compared to trotros. These are long buses that replicate the buses in the western world. Usually called the “Kufour Bus”, they are less expensive than trotros and usually have fixed rate for the route they are plying. If you have the option to ever choose between these buses and a trotro on a route, these would be your best bet.


Uber was launched in Accra in 2016 and since then, has taken off the burden of expensive taxis by providing a reliable safe and cheap mode of transportation. Ubers are more convenient as they pick you up right from your doorstep as opposed to walking a distance by the roadside to find a regular taxi. Ubers are allowed in a lot of establishments other than taxis and so make them a more preferred mode of transportation.

While many view public transport as not entirely comfortable to using your personal car, you will contribute toward easing road traffic, you can relax in your seat during your commute on days when you very tired to drive and helps you save some money.

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