Bringing A Pet Into Your New Home

Apr / 13 / 2018

You have finally settled into your Devtraco Home and you’ve decided to get a pet as a companion and to complete the family. How do you introduce a pet into your home and prevent any mishaps from happening? Let’s give you a few pointers.

Establish rules and boundaries

The first message you send to your dog before it enters your house, is what will stick with it throughout its stay. To establish boundaries, make sure you enter the house before your pet does so for the first time. Do not let the pet follow you until you give permission. This will establish your leadership and also establish boundaries to your pet.

Stay calm

Bringing a new pet into your home will cause excitement in your household. Keep calm and give your pet some space. You’re about to take the pet away from a place that’s become familiar and take her to an entirely new environment and this will overwhelm it. Patiently introduce the pet to the other members of your family but do not give more than minimum of attention or affection.

Take the Tour

To get your pet familiarized with its new surroundings, take the pet on a tour of the house. Keep the pet on a leash as you lead it into the rooms of the house that you want it to be familiar with. If the pet is going to be kept outdoors, show it to its new quarters, let it off the leash and allow it to become acclimatized to its surroundings. In taking the tour, make sure to be in the lead and do not let the pet follow you into the next room until you give permission. With regards to a cat, introduce it to your home gradually restricting him to one room at a time.

The feeding area

Once you’re done with the tour of your home, show your pet to its feeding area. Instead of feeding the pet a whole meal, start off by feeding it a bit at a time as opposed to a whole meal. This is not to make your pet feel overwhelmed.

Getting settled

To make your pet more comfortable in your home, think about getting its own food and water bowls and some toys. For a dog, you’ll want food and water bowls that don’t slide around and are used only for him. Cats also need non-slip bowls which are also wide enough to accommodate their whiskers. Toys like chewable bones, for your dog and balls of yarn and squeaky toys for your cat will keep your pet occupied and entertained, when you can’t give them attention. To avoid any breaks from your pet, make sure fragile ornaments, etc are well out of reach from your pet.

Keep your expectations realistic

Understand that your pet is not a human and cannot understand when you speak English. Be firm with your actions and words to your pet so it obeys. Understand that there will be accidents that cannot be avoided when the pet is adjusting to its new surroundings. Be patient with your pet as it may take a few weeks for them to get used to their new home.

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