Buying An Apartment In Ghana From Devtraco Plus

Mar / 09 / 2021

Imagine working long dreary hours just for one “Goro” boy to scam you of your hard-earned money. What is the point of going through the hassle of scouting for land in Accra and erecting a decent property only for another to assert a claim of ownership to the land? What’s worse, the person may secure a court order authorising the razing down of your property, leaving you penniless and homeless. The Ghanaian courts are full of cases of tenants fighting landlords over messy tenancy agreements and insensitive tenancy agreements. Mind you; the courts are not the swiftest place for justice. The case of Adu v Kyeremeh spent over 20 years in court before a final resolution was reached, or Practically land litigation cases can take more than 20 decades in court before a final resolution is reached. I am particularly sure that no one wants to spend that much time in court over the property.

Maybe you do not need a home for your daily living. But you may want to invest in a fast-growing real estate economy. You may also want a vacation home in one of the most politically and economically stable states in sub-Saharan Africa.

Yet, the rigmarole of finding the right property from the right person poses another headache. Many modern buyers find that several houses are too big for their current needs. For the homes that are sizable enough to meet the needs and budget of young buyers, the renovations that need to be undertaken may rival the cost spent in acquiring the property. The above are but a few seminal setbacks on acquiring a decent home in Ghana.

  1. Who Can Buy Property In Ghana

Many people ask if foreigners can buy property in ghana. Can a foreigner buy a house in ghana? The short answer is yes, and here is why.

In Ghana, anyone at all can own property. The laws of Ghana do not discriminate on who can own property in Ghana. The law only places limitations on the duration and the kind of interest a person may hold in property in Ghana. For example, in the 1992 Constitution, a non-citizen of ghana cannot hold a leasehold interest in property that exceeds fifty (50) years.

A non-citizen cannot also hold a freehold interest in land in Ghana. However, a Ghanaian can hold a lease for any duration of time and a freehold interest in lands that do not belong to the Stol, not stool lands.

The law is that any person with enough funds, whether a citizen or otherwise, can invest in the real estate industry and own houses in Ghana, subject to the limitations presented above.

  1. How To Buy Real Estate In Ghana

Now that it is apparent that anyone can buy a house or buy an apartment in Ghana, the question then becomes how a person can purchase property in ghana.

There are many routes a person can take to purchase property in Ghana. A prospective buyer can buy property directly from the property owners or purchase your house or apartment with any of the recommended top 10 agents and this service will attract an agency fee. Also, another reliable route is to purchase from a Real Estate Company. The goal of purchasing a property is to buy from a reliable real estate company with a valid legal title to the land and property in question. Your real estate company must not compromise on the quality of building materials. Luckily for you, we have put together the 10 top real estates in Ghana.

  1. Buying From Devtraco Plus

At Devtraco Plus, we don’t move boxes; we always believe every client is different with a specific style, preference and needs resulting in offering consultative sales with the best unit mix. Devtraco Plus has two main streams of properties. The first stream is for those buying properties for investment purposes, also known as the investment home, and the second stream is for persons buying properties to live-in. The former means that you are purchasing the property to rent out for monetary gains. Based on these two streams and our customers’ needs, we offer advice on which of our bespoke properties best suits you. Most properties can serve both purposes; however, our Pelican is made solely for investment purposes and not for the owner to live-in.

As keen as our processes are, we offer varied viewing options to our clients to help them make informed decisions to suit their needs. Clients may opt for a brochure viewing, an actual property visitation, or a Computer-generated imagery (CGI) viewing of all our properties. You can then decide on the property and which stream you prefer, be it an investment home or a live-in home for your family needs.

After viewing, an interested client can begin the property buying process with an application form to affirm the relations. In return, you will receive an offer based on your property preference. A non-refundable reservation fee of $5000 (USD) is required to secure a property from Devtraco Plus within seven (7) days of receiving the offer. This reservation guarantees you a property in the building and is deducted from your entire offer cost. Within 21 days of paying your reservation fee, you are required to pay 25% of the total value of the property upon which you will receive the sales and purchase agreement (SPA) which details out ALL that comes with the property. Devtraco Plus will tailor the rest of the payment of the outstanding balancing to suit your cash inflow. It’s good to note, during the period of paying the balance Devtraco plus will provide you with a quarterly update report on your project. Once the final payment has been completed, we will hand over your actual sublease, which includes the structure plans, final ownership documentations with the stamps of the Ghana court of law and lands commission authorisation, among others.

After a sale, DEVTRACO Plus can help its customers find suitable tenants to rent out the property via Talis, a subsidiary of DEVTRACO. This subsidiary also offers facility management after-sales services to customers of DEVTRACO PLUS. For Investment property, they run the property on your behalf and credit you with your monthly returns. If the property is a live-in property, they will help you find the right tenant and advise you on the rent market rate.

Persons who want to make a purchase or request pricing can place a request via this link Here, the prospective buyer can ask for available properties within different price ranges. The portal requires the name, contact, email, price range for the property, and a message box for any additional information you may request. After the request is made on the portal, a representative of Devtraco Plus will call you and proffer more details.

  1. Why Choose Devtraco Plus

A list of reliable real estate companies in Ghana is incomplete without the mention of Devtraco Plus. Devtraco Plus is a real estate company that has dominated the real estate scene in Ghana since 1993. True to its vision of delivering the finest real estate housing in Ghana, Devtraco Plus Ghana has been the driving force in providing luxurious and affordable homes in Ghana.

The company also boasts of grabbing three awards at the International Property Awards. These awards were in recognition of Devtraco Plus groundbreaking architectural designs and functional homes. The awards are:

  1. Best Apartment – Ghana

  2. Best Mixed-Use Development – Ghana

  3. Best Mixed-Use Architecture – Ghana

Devtraco Plus has been responsible for providing affordable to high-end and luxurious housing units that cater to the ever dynamic needs of the growing Ghanaian populace. It has sought to remedy the ails that plague many in their quest for decent and affordable to high-end housing in Accra. Devtraco Plus boasts of many apartments in Cantonments, Labone, Roman Ridge, Dzorwulu.

These apartments start from one bedroom apartments to three-bedrooms. Prices of these semi-furnished apartments range from $95,000 to $850,000, with tailored payments to suit the needs of many pockets. You are assured of litigation free property made with the finest materials resources can afford.

Asides from the zero hassle with the authorities on ownership of the properties, properties from Devtraco Plus boast of state of the art electrical wiring, wardrobes in all bedrooms, fitted kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen appliances such as microwave ovens, gas ovens, heat extractors to name a few.

Trust Devtraco Plus to provide you with the finest buildings to suit your modern tastes and lifestyle. Simply request a viewing with our sales experts via our online portal or call us on 0270000004.

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