December In Ghana; Why Ghana Is The Best Place To Enjoy Christmas.

Nov / 08 / 2021


LIVE your life to the fullest! Still, wondering what to do for the coming festive season? Well, you deserve a top-notch travel experience in 2021 to welcome the year ahead with style, culture, music, and uniquely African hospitality after cancelling your entire 2020 calendar due to COVID 19. And the place to be is Ghana for Christmas, pack your bags book your flight and come to Ghana one of the safest, and stable economies in Africa with amazing culture, food and Tourism.

Beyond The Year of Return - Why You Must Visit Ghana.

In 2019, Ghana launched the “year of return”, which was a major marketing campaign that targeted the African-American and Diaspora markets to commemorate 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived in Jamestown Virginia. People of African descent were being urged to return to Ghana in a "major milestone spiritual and birth-right journey". Lots of Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians from abroad visited Ghana for the first time, including celebrities such as model Naomi Campbell, actor Idris Elba, comedian Steve Harvey, and American rapper Cardi B. In addition to boosting the economy, this made Ghana tourism a popular destination. The campaign positions Ghana as a "go-to destination for African Americans and the diaspora" and is heavily packed with merry activities through the Christmas festive period.

After the "year of return" in 2019, the government launched Beyond the Return, as Ghana is being hailed as the next big tourist destination. However, COVID 19 happened worldwide which led to a lockdown and travel banned. That didn’t stop Ghana, it’s one of the many countries that put stringent measures in place to allow the economy to revert to business as usual.

A new round of "December in GH" activities has been announced in the light of Beyond the Return.

December In Ghana, Activities

December In Gh is a new tourism product centered around Christmas and New Year celebrations in Ghana, which has consistently been the most popular destination for celebrations. Fully packed activities with diverse cultural tours that start off with a guided city tour in Accra, Aburi Botanical Gardens, Cocoa Farms, Waterfalls Trips through to Cape Coast and Elmina castle Tour, an area known for its role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, Tamale & Savannah Tour with Mole National Park in the northern region of Ghana and many other gems of Ghana. Coupled with the tour, are the fun-filled activities that display Africa art, music, food and culture. One of the highly anticipated events is Afrochella, whose date has already been confirmed for 28th December. It is the only festival that combines arts, culture, tours, and charity!

It is a festival for people of all races, gender, age. and colour! It has been curated to optimize the experience & engage attendees with the culture in an authentic yet innovative way! Simply put, it features a festive celebration of our culture in the form of Arts & Fashion Installations, Live painting, The Best of African Cuisine, and Live performances. Polo Beach Club, Rhythms on da Runway, GUBA Awards, Taste of Ghana, Kwanzaa in Ghana, Diaspora Transition, Ahaspora Conference and many others will certainly be planned and will be live as experienced prior years and better.

Enjoy Accra's beautiful beaches and dance your heart out with new friends while creating an experience of a lifetime.

Food and Culture - Tourism

Ghana is not only renowned for its peaceful and stable economy but is also known for its stunning cuisine, which is undoubtedly one of the best in West Africa.

Amongst the trends, this year on Tiktok viral videos was one of our Ghanaian cuisines, this brought loads of attention to Ghanaian dish. Ghana has a diverse array of food, as diverse as its people, with each ethnic group having their own special dish. It is possible to find over a thousand and one different types of food anywhere in the tropical country, from the coast to the savannah. There are a few meals that almost all Ghanaians love and are known for their delectability; these include fufu and light soup, the famous Ghana Jollof, waakye and others.

There are a lot of people who are familiar with Jollof because they have heard of the Ghanaian-Nigerian Jollof war and are keen on knowing how good it tastes in order to judge for themselves.

In 2020, fufu, a popular Ghanaian and Nigerian dish went viral with many foreigners eating it and even learning how to pound it. Situations like these have contributed to the international popularity of these dishes, their origins and the best place to taste these rich Ghanaian delicacies is to visit the country.

Tracing family roots

In 2019, many conducted an ancestry DNA test and could trace their heritage and lineage to Ghana. Many were able to visit historical slave sites to bond with their roots. For others who visited Ghana previously are planning return trips because of the connection they felt to home. And so should you seize that opportunity to learn more about the culture of the indigenous ancestors, where and how the transatlantic slave trade started and pay homage to our forefathers.

The are many forts and castles around the coastal line, which has been kept as a historical symbol to remind us of the slave trade and how our forefathers fought to make Ghana and Africa a better place.

COVID Protocols and Safety

Right from the airport, the Ghana government and the aviation services test everyone who is entering Ghana by air at the airport, as a conscious effort to reduce imported cases. All event organizers have been asked to enforce strict COVID protocols at all venues, with some even requiring guests to present covid-19 vaccination cards before entering as well as wearing face masks. Temperature checks will be conducted before entering all events and entry sanitiser systems will be used as well as hand sanitizing stations throughout each event.

Tourism has been challenged by the covid-19 pandemic on a global scale, and the sector has had to figure out how to recover. Last year, Ghana's tourism sector lost eight billion cedis, according to Dr Awal between now and December, Ghana is expecting about 150,000 foreign arrivals. The World Bank has already disbursed 13 million cedis to support the tourism sector.

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