Home Staging And Its Benefits

Jun / 14 / 2021

If you have ever had to be at the center of either buying or selling a property, you would understand that one of the most important drivers of value for the property is the perceived impression the buyer has about how fit or useful a property would be to his needs. When a property is staged, it eases potential buyers’ minds and makes them more relaxed while visualizing what their potential home is going to look and feel like. It sets the right emotions and ambiance in which the buyer feels ‘at at home’ the moment they walk into the property. This is the reason why Home staging has become an integral part of the property selling process. Bear in mind, in this instance, the First impression may be all you have to get the right value for the property.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is just the setup and prepping of an uninhabited property. This is done to give prospective buyers or sellers an ability to better view how they can use or set up the property. This takes away the thoughts of a prospective buyer who may not have a full appreciation of how well-suited space can be used for his or her needs.

How To Stage A Home

Staging your property is not always easy, particularly if that is not your strength, however, there are a few tips on how to stage your property and put it in shape for the next owner. To start with, you may want to consider.

  • Getting familiar with various home décor options to give you some bit of inspiration.

  • Get ready to purchase some furniture to rent out to your client and organize your space.

  • Get the assistance of some professionals to give you some valuable opinions on getting your home staged.

  • Most importantly advertise the property through reputable agents and brokers.

Benefits of Home Staging

Some have suggested that home staging can be quite expensive, hence the reason why many people go without it. This view is misconceived. The way to look at home staging is to consider it as an investment in the property, that would help you get extra value on the property and make the home sale process more efficient. For those with limited resources to stage a full home, the good news is that not all rooms have equal importance to most buyers. Therefore, you can prioritize and focus on the most important ones; the living room, master bedroom, kitchen and dining rooms.

Here we go with the benefits of home staging;

1. Home staging sets your property apart from the pack.

There are several properties on the market, so the question is how do you draw attention to the property you intend to put on the market? What do potential buyers see when they see your property online? A staged property helps to create that differentiation and helps your home stand out. With a staged property, a buyer can easily tell and come to a firm decision on which of the many homes he would want to take a look at. Staging your home evokes the right emotions and gives you that urge over the rest.

2. Home staging maximizes and highlights the best features of the property

With the assistance of an experienced stager, you can get the most of each space in the property. Small spaces can be set up to give a sense of openness. Staging can give every room a clear purpose, providing the buyer with a clear visual impression of what can be done to optimize the use of the home in a way that suits the ideal lifestyle. When buyers can perceive how space is used, they are more likely to accept what is on offer because they can now connect how the staged space fits within their expectations. It highlights the best features of the house and levels out any flaws, which may otherwise have been an issue if the property is not staged. Home staging sets up the scenery so that people see the house as a whole rather than a collection of flaws and qualities.

3. Home staging can lead to higher offers

Statistics have shown that property agents have reported an increase in the value of the asking price for properties that have been staged. Given that the aim of staging your home is to stimulate people’s interest in it, a bidding war can arise as multiple buyers begin to show interest. If a buyer falls in love with your home, they are likely to be more willing to offer over the asking price to make sure they get it. Staging a home creates more buyer interest, which is likely to result in higher offers.

4. Home staging helps homes sell faster

Another very important reason for staging is to ensure you sell your home faster. A 2011 RESA study proves that homes staged before listing sold 79% faster than those not staged. Staging allows buyers to better visualize themselves living the ideal life in the space and hence not much attention is paid to the minimal flaws which otherwise would have occurred in one that is not a staged home. It has become an important part of the selling process. The staged properties provide a positive first impression, which drives buyers to want to commit to making purchases. It helps you reduce the amount of time that a home is on the market, so if you want your property to be sold early, staging is one sure way to go.

Staging is no longer just another option in the selling process; it has become an integral part of the process. Before you put up your property on the market, it is critical to make it as attractive to potential buyers as possible. This little investment in staging the property can be the difference in how much you would get for the property and how fast it would be sold. Home staging creates the right emotional appeal for buyers so the next time you consider putting up your home, just consider adding a little more investment to stage it, you will recoup it all in no time.

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