How To Enjoy A Staycation

Dec / 15 / 2021


Have you been thinking of planning a staycation? Well, let's get right to it then…

For starters, what exactly is this flamboyant word? The Cambridge dictionary describes a 'staycation' as a holiday you spend at home or, better yet, in your home country rather than travelling overseas. The two essentials for a great staycation are yourself and a little cash. Now let’s dive into the staycation agenda.

As Christmas is here, most definitely you might want to do something different or out of the norm. Whether you live in Ghana and are tired of looking at your partner's face in the same position, or you are visiting Ghana to enjoy “Detty December” you should plan a staycation.

With the recent COVID 19 wave, we're all practically cooked up within the borders of Ghana, hoping for a saviour to escape. But who says we need to book a flight to catch a vibe? This December, we have a list of interesting suggestions to get your “Detty December” vacation started. We’d take a look at some exclusive December events to attend, a few hotspots to get away from the crazy December Traffic and a few things to do that might just give you the breathing space and clear head you need.

Activities In Ghana

Starting us off is the line-up of outdoor events to attend. Before we take a trip out of the busy Accra, let’s throw some highlights on the activities in Ghana.


Let’s talk about Afrochella for a minute. Afrochella is the celebration of Africa’s rich culture and the handiwork of African creatives. This year’s event takes place on the 28th of December. If you’ve ever wanted to know what is so special about African culture, get front row tickets to this event that tells it all. Make a new friend this December to share every moment with.

Trip Around The World

Have ever wanted to take a trip around the world to try every local dish you could ever think of? Well, look no further. From the 24th to the 26th of December, EcoHouse Ghana Limited is making your dream a reality by bringing the world to your doorstep in an all you can eat - around the world food & drinks festival. Join in the fun at the Polo courts in Airport City and enjoy dishes from some of your favourite youtube chefs.

Akwaaba Night

Finally, for our friends from Brits, the Akwaaba group has designed a list of events for the month of December to make our friends feel welcomed and as at home as possible. If you fall in this category, you heard it here first. For the rest of December to the 10th of January, there's a surprise wrapped in a bow for you to make new friends from all over the world while you enjoy some local and foreign music fusions by some of the best DJ's on the scene. There’s also a bonus show to see some of the best acts of the day like Kojo Antwi live to start off your new year.

Staycation Destination

For our locals who need a break from Accra's fast life and our visiting friends who just flew in looking for a secluded and serene hideaway, we’ve prepared a brief list of discrete spots in the country to make your December even more comforting and adventurous.

Lou Moon Resort

Lou Moon is a luxurious, breath-taking vacation spot located on the banks of Ghana’s Gulf in the Axim area of the Western Region. It is surrounded by lush green forestry groves creating a calm and soothing environment. You can spend the weekend in their rich culturally designed rooms that offer a blast into the simpler times while enjoying an array of local heritage dishes. Not to mention the chance to kayak on your vacation while you watch the sunset with a special someone or four.

Aqua safari resort

Plan a couples road trip to the lovely Aqua Safari Resort in Ada. With the view from a riverside room, you can easily transform a couple's staycation from 0 to 100. The dawn scene makes for double the romance with a candlelit dinner by the bonfire. Enjoy the sunset together as you get lost in the sounds of the leaves rustling, the rippling effect of the river, and not to forget, the cold and cosy chills that keep you wrapped in each other.

Zaina Lodge

With a few friends, you can book a flight to Zaina Lodge in Tamale for a cap of GHC 600.00. Connect with the locals you’ve never interacted with and get to know what life on the northside is like. Take pictures with the Elephants at Mole National Park, and be ‘an Englishman in New York’ like the song says. The wildlife and safari feel might make you rethink living as a park ranger.

Escape 3 points

If you want to get down dirty, take a trip to Escape 3 points located on the verge of Cape 3 point in the western region. Try farming or fishing with the locals for an unusual vacation experience. This makes for a good ‘how i spent my holiday’s headline’ If you prefer living high-end, enjoy taking photographs of the lovely cape three point sunset and even surfboarding in the very beautiful blue ocean of the west.

Things To Do To Enjoy Your Staycation

If you wish to stay put in your area or do more than just sleep, there are still a bunch of exciting activities to do both as a singleton and as a couple or group of friends.

  1. Cook-Off

For starters, try a staycation with a home-cooked meal off of a youtube video. Invite a bunch of friends and family over and pull out those mitts and aprons and get to cooking a full course Christmas meal. Decorate your dining hall with lights and set a homey vibe. It’s an all hands on deck show with everyone handling a dish to complete your Christmas dinner.

  1. Have a movie night.

Want to be a homebody, rent a local movie in whatever genre of your choice and understand the importance of relating to the locals by learning a new language from watching. If you’re into the whole outdoor movie theme, rent out a park or any open space and invite some friends over to have a movie marathon of both African and foreign movies. Go wild! That being, even if your travel out of home, singleton, couple or a group, you can binge-watch a series, or plan a movie night for the stay

  1. Riding activity

Organise a biking marathon around the city with your newly purchased polaroid camera. Burn some calories from ‘Detty December’ chilling and capture every moment in 2D motion. If you’re within Accra, you can bike up the hills of Aburi to connect with nature and our personal favourite, though, see the city of Accra come to life at night. However, if you do take a trip out of Accra or happen to find yourself anywhere else in Ghana, the biking doesn’t stop at the barriers. Explore your new location by borrowing a bike. If you’re in the northern region with a bunch of friends, explore the fields on your locally woven basket bike or better yet, take a basket weaving lesson or two. Enjoy every bit of your environment at your own pace.

  1. Tourist of the year

If you want to update your Instagram page, or just let your fans know how much you learn over the break, make a list of historic sites or landmarks to visit in Ghana. For example, plan a day event visiting the castles and forts in the Osu area and learn something new about the history and life story of the locals. Visit Manhyia Palace on your Kumasi break and hear the legendary stories of some of the great Ashanti Kings. Parade on the famous city on water ‘Nzulezu’ while you get accustomed to the environment of the western sphere. Take something unexpected back home with you to prove you embraced the Ghanaian culture from within.

  1. Food Critic

Wherever you find yourself, be the best Gordon Ramsey you can be. Come up with a list of the best local dishes to try at different restaurants and embark on a tasting journey. Try the local dishes of your town and see who makes it best. Recreate your own vision board of meals to try out yourself.

  1. Hobby Thrift

To keep yourself busy, pick up a new hobby. You can try redesigning or redecorating your room. Spend time moving things around, giving your territory that fresh new year new me feel or be a bit of a copycat with interior design ideas from your Pinterest board. Develop the bookworm habit you’ve talked about for ages by finally starting that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Don't let the adventure stop here. These are just a handful of ideas.

There’re over a million and one other exciting things to do, and Hey! If you run out of ideas or have an "Adventurous' block," you can always reach out to the faces behind these pages. We will always have your back.

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