Labone’s Lush Life

May / 02 / 2016

Labone, located in the Southern part of Accra, is one of the oldest, yet perpetually classy districts in Ghana’s history. It is bound to the south by the Labadi road, to the east by Labadi Crescent, and the Cantonments Road serves as its western border. Labone is to the south of Osu, merely separated from this bustling locality by the Ring Road. It has an interesting cultural mix of historic architecture dating back to the early 20th century, and very new and ultramodern architectural developments, such us our Avant Garde property, which you can read more about here.

Being one of the prime locations in Accra, the annual rental yield in Labone is currently between 10% and 15%, which reflects the high value of the real estate investments in the area. Labone contains a lot of high end lifestyle options, which are in the affordable range of the middle to upper class segment of the society. It is a neighborly and calm residential area with fairly quiet streets and little to no traffic on its roads. If you’re looking for a peaceful abode combined with a luxurious lifestyle, our Avant Garde apartment complex in Labone is the place to live.

The district is a 15 minutes’ drive away from Accra Central, so if you need to get into the hub of Accra, you’re not too far away. As mentioned earlier, Labone is a neighboring town to the touristy Osu Oxford Street, where you can find a lot of diverse eateries, cultural displays and shops. As suburban as Labone seems, the area itself is not devoid of activity and excitement, and if that is the lifestyle you seek, it has many bars, grills and cultural spots with a wide range of activities to indulge in should you need some time out in town.

There is Celsbridge, a restaurant with a calm and casual ambience known especially for its mouth-watering grilled chicken. So is Melting Moments, another cozy restaurant serving both local and continental dishes. You can also visit Bistro 22; it has good food and a calm atmosphere, and is perfect for coffee, lunch and dinner. Le Must is an upscale eatery that has hosted Jacques Chirac, Will Smith and Stevie Wonder, and you can visit it sometime to have a feel of what these stars enjoyed. Bosphorus is another upscale restaurant serving authentic Turkish cuisine, and for those who are interested, there is shisha as well. Like its name suggests, the Zanzibar restaurant serves dishes from Zanzibar and also Indian, French and Thai food, in case you want to experiment more. For families with young children, Churchees might be the place to go; the older ones can settle down in the restaurant for their meals while the children play in the mini playground that has been constructed.

Labone Coffee Shop is one of Labone’s oldest lounges serving coffee and other choice drinks. It’s a perfect place for quiet meetings and one-on-ones, if you need privacy to talk. You can find this place right next to the Avant Garde property. Right opposite the Avant Garde is also Chase, a sports bar and lounge with a unique mix of a classy and casual ambience. Chase opens very early and closes very late, so you’re assured to be served anytime you enter the place. Our friends of the sugary lifestyle are not left out as the Cupcake Boutique can easily be found as well. Showcasing all kinds and flavors of cupcakes and milkshakes, it is a good place for a group of friends to hang out and have a fun time. Shakes and flavors also has ice cream in many interesting indigenous flavors for you to choose from.

For those into music, dance and the night life, you can always go to Twist – a night club with a well-ventilated dance room so you can have good fun at night without it getting ruined by heat and sweat. On the calmer side, there is Jazztone, a jazz bar with live music alongside congas, piano and sax.

If you’re looking for a more natural and authentic Ghanaian experience, there’s a coconut stand stationed opposite the SDA school, for you to get some refreshing coconut water. The famous Labone junction fried yam, potatoes and kelewele joint is also ever available for those who love hot and spicy kelewele in the evenings. Aisha Waakye is there to take care of you in the mornings with hot waakye for breakfast or brunch.

It is fairly easy to find transportation in Labone if you do not have a car. There are many taxis running to and fro in the area ever so often. If you want to try the “trotros”, you can make your way to the main road at Labone junctions where you will find them making their usual rounds.

If you have children and need schools in the neighborhood to send them to, you can try Early Starters for crèche and nursery. Morning Star and Ghana International School handle basic education till the high school level. St. Thomas Aquinas and Labone High School are senior high schools in the area as well.

Proximity to resources like banks, hospitals, embassies, police station, etc. is also assured in Labone. There are the Norwegian, Turkish, Chinese and South African embassies among many other embassies in the district. The SSNIT hospital in Osu is not far off, and you can find the Medipoint pharmacy and the Bernswett pharmacy in Labone for quick attention to your medical needs. There is easy access to banks such as Ecobank and the GT Bank, among others. For tech problems and solutions, Labone also has the iSpace shop.

As you can see, Labone is a prime area for residency and quality lifestyle, and has you covered in many ways, which is why we deemed it fit to place the modern and chic Avant Garde property right in the middle of this residential haven. If you want to live a contemporary and luxurious lifestyle, try making this place your home.

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