Real Estate and Other Investment Opportunities in Ghana

Apr / 29 / 2021

In recent years, efforts have been made to drive up investments in Ghana. Private sector players have been called to lead the charge, either through public-private partnerships or private investments. Investments in real estate continue to be an attractive option for most investors. With Ghana’s housing and infrastructure deficit, investment opportunities by private companies are projected to grow further in the next decade and beyond. There are significant opportunities for investments in Ghana and private entrepreneurs must take advantage of the prospects of growth and invest now to recoup their investments.

The country continues to be an attractive destination for international and local investors due to its peace and stability. Ghana has been cited by several international reports on ease of doing business. Comparatively, Ghana’s growing middle-class population is highly skilled and educated. These and many other considerations make Ghana an ideal location for investments.

Investment options abound in Ghana, and we would point you to some of the industries that have seen significant growth in recent years and have prospects of growth into the next decade.

1. Real estate investment

As the economy grows, so is the demand for quality residential and commercial properties. Statistics from the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing indicate a shortfall of approximately 80,000 housing units per annum. The government has recently passed the Real Estate Act to regulate the sector. The Real Estate Act will help streamline the activities of real estate agent and brokers so clients receive value for their money and investment

The Ghanaian economy is currently experiencing an influx of investors from the West, East and the African Sub Region. Demand for luxury residential and commercial buildings has been on the rise. Putting up more executive properties in the prime areas of the capital cities will aid in meeting the needs of high-earning individuals. Data gathered from Ghana Investment Promotion Council (GIPC) indicates that the real estate industry is an alluring sector for foreign investors as it promises high returns.

To meet the needs of high-earning individuals, Devtraco Plus has several luxury apartments to choose from; some of these projects are located in the finest locations in Accra, such as Dzorwulu, Airport Residential Area, Labone, Cantonments, and Roman Ridge.

2. Agriculture

The agricultural sector is one of the most significant sectors of the Ghanaian economy. The government has launched an initiative to attract and boost investment in the industry. There exist huge concentrations of vegetables, fruits, cocoa, palm oil, groundnut, etc located in almost all the ten regions of Ghana for investors. Value addition to raw materials and services to increase agricultural yields would be a great place to start for any entrepreneur wishing to process agricultural products into juice, cookies, jam, etc.

3. Tourism

Ghana has several pristine sites that need investments. Private investment is very much needed to boost tourism development, particularly tourist facilities and development. The tourism sector is still growing and investments are lucrative in areas of accommodation and facility development in areas such as beaches, lake and river resorts, lodges and camps in National Parks and Reserves, Hill and Mountain Resorts, Water Sports, Hotels (link to the pelican) within Forts and Entertainment facilities. With Devtraco Plus's hotel apartment, The Pelican, you can expect to earn between 8 to 12% on your return.


4. Energy

Ghana’s energy infrastructural needs provide another opportunity for investors in the energy sector. A mix of different energy options exists for potential investors. Recent reports put the mix at 40% hydro and 59% thermal. Recent engagements also have advanced investments in renewables as an option. With the government’s drive for industrialization, the demand for sustainable energy is going to increase, and for that matter, any investment to meet this demand would be well made. Investors could look into the generation and transmission sub-sector of the industry to tap the many opportunities it offers. Ghana also has a growing oil and gas sector which makes it attractive as an investment choice.

5. Waste Management

Sanitation continues to be a challenge in Ghana and any investment in this sector would be solving a huge societal menace not to mention the returns to any potential investor. There are very few investors in the waste management sector. Potential investors into recycling, the production of organic fertilizers, and other associated waste management activities would find this industry quite lucrative.

6. Transport

Transportation is a huge part of the concerns many Ghanaian faces. The opportunities for investments are equally immense. The infrastructure gap cuts across the need for a developed road network, a functioning rail system, and the development of water transport. Opportunities exist for investors to go into a public-private partnership to develop the sector. Investors can also look at the attractiveness of providing safe and comfortable urban transportation within the city and for inter-city commuters.

The listed areas are but a few of the options of investment available in Ghana. The need for decent accommodation is fundamental. Devtraco Plus has taken the lead to push for further investment in this area to meet the demands of the sophisticated Ghanain with its range of luxury apartment facilities located within Accra’s plush communities.

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