The Ghanaian Dream Home

Jun / 24 / 2021


The Ghanaian has many aspirations and dreams but in many respects, the ideal Ghanaian dream would include a dream about a well-paid job with job security, a home in a well-built-up area, a nice car and children in a good school. These are dreams that the average modern Ghanaian aspires to achieve. We would want to narrow it down to take a critical look at the ideal Ghanaian home. What makes the ideal Ghanaian home in modern times? Devtraco Plus has built a reputation for its stylish and well-crafted studio apartment, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Let us try to look into a few of the types of homes that have become part of the modern Ghanaian dream. Take

1. The Luxury Apartment

Accra is now littered with many luxury apartments. You are bound to see a billboard advertising one luxury apartment in Accra or the other within every 500-meter drive in the city center. The development of high-rise apartments is now a feature of Accra’s skyline These luxury apartments in Accra have become a favorite for expats and wealthy Ghanaians who sometimes buy them for lease and air BnB. The apartments range from 2-3 bedrooms, providing a slightly less expensive alternative to the townhomes. With similar complexes as the townhomes, they provide facilities like a communal pool, playground, gym, underground parking, high security and facility management services. You can check out our luxury apartments designs in our NoVA property developed by Devtraco Plus.

2. The 3 bedroom semi-detached

The 3 bedroom semi-detached is the ideal choice for most new couples or small Ghanaian families. Indeed most Ghanaian homes are of this type. The 3 bedroom house usually has a master bedroom for the couple, another room for a child,d and a guest room that can easily be modeled into another room if the family expands. People typically look for these types of homes in residential communities or build them from scratch. It has proven to be a favorite amongst Ghanaians as it provides a spacious alternative to the 2 bedroom houses that used to be the norm. In many of our apartment buildings, we provide this option along with other clients’ favorites to give you a wide range of options to choose from. You can visit Devtraco Plus’s website to have to know more about the other properties available.

3. The 4+ bedroom ‘mansion’

Lately, more Ghanaians are looking to purchase bigger houses and have a bit more space. This house typically has a master bedroom, 2 rooms for children and a room(s) for guests. There tend to be at least 2 or 3 bathrooms with this type of house, a large kitchen, and a large living room. 4 bedroom houses in Ghana have become very fashionable with the Ghanaian elite. In most instances, houses of this type are built from scratch by the owners as dream homes after they have outgrown the initial two or three-bedroom options. This type of home has become a true dream home, and many Ghanaians aspire to this type of affluence.

4. The Townhome

In recent times there has been an increase in the development of Townhouses all over the country. They are mostly constructed in the city centers where they are close to other social amenities like schools, hospitals, malls, etc. Townhouses usually come in large apartment complexes. These complexes usually have facilities like a communal swimming pool, a gym, playground areas and high security. Examples of townhomes in Accra are Devtraco Plus’s, Acasia Homes. These are becoming increasingly popular amongst Ghanaians because of the facilities that usually accompany these homes and their proximity to city centers. They also come with flexible payment which in the end allows the owners to manage the cost of acquiring such homes. Visit our many apartment blocks and townhouses to see what we have in store for you.

In conclusion, nothing underscores the Ghanaian dream as much as the joy of being able to own a home. Irrespective of the size or type of home, outrightly owning a home is seen as the height of success in Ghana.

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