5 Tips Choosing The Right Furniture For Your Home

Mar / 30 / 2022

Decorating a home can be a tedious thing to do. You have to be intentional about choosing wall colour schemes, ornaments and furniture that match the feng shui of your home. To make things simpler for you, we’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the right furniture for your home.

Assess your home

Before you head to Orca or Furniture City, decide first of all what ambience you are looking to create with the furniture you purchase. You must also decide which kind of furniture you are looking to fill each room with and make sure you consider who will be using the furniture before purchasing. Set a site plan in your head which will guide your decisions. This will help decide which furniture will fit into which room.

Avoid Furniture financing deals

Avoid deals that ask to finance your furniture at a 0% interest. At a glance, this might seem like the cheapest option but it may bring about more expenses than planned for. Any place that offers you 0% interest financing is selling you goods at a higher markup and is hoping you won’t notice how bad the deal because of the “free money” you are being offered.

Spruce up old furniture

Sometimes old is better. Instead of going out and buying completely new furniture, why not spruce up the old furniture you have. Spray a little paint gloss on some old wooden chairs or re-upholster some old couches. This will get them looking brand new and allow you to keep furniture that has your memories as opposed to breaking bank on completely new furniture.


Buying furniture is just like buying appliances, i.e. it’s better to spend money buying a higher quality the first time than spend money correcting the first mistake. Quality is important for any discerning buyer of furniture. On entering into a furniture shop, you will notice a huge price difference in similar looking furniture. When you explore further, you will almost always find a great difference in quality; quality being what material the furniture is made of, and how well it is constructed. Make sure you know what to look for as well, so you can buy the furniture you can afford.

Measure your space

It is a complete waste of time to buy a set of furniture and to come home to realize, it does not fit into the space you want it to be. Measure the space where you want new furniture to be and bear that in mind when purchasing. Take a tape measure along if you need to. You may look a little eccentric in the store but it will save you a lot of hassle and time.

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